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Hannah or Olivia with sibset

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Sugarpie9 Fri 10-Mar-17 15:46:09

We have two children already

Which goes with our sibset best? We love both.

The only thing putting us off Hannah is that her initials will be HEL (me and DH have DB surname). Do you think that is an issue?

Rockaby Fri 10-Mar-17 15:49:18

Hannah smile

Rockaby Fri 10-Mar-17 15:50:41

I don't think initials HEL is an issue. If it was HELL then maybe. If you don't want HEL you could always put in a middle name?

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Fri 10-Mar-17 15:50:41

Hannah def. And initials no worry at all!!

MrsGB2225 Fri 10-Mar-17 15:50:54


Sophronia Fri 10-Mar-17 16:01:57

Definitely Hannah. HEL is fine.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 10-Mar-17 16:36:37

Yes, Hannah.

BaymaxismyHero Fri 10-Mar-17 16:46:32


Kazzawazza69 Fri 10-Mar-17 17:03:16

Olivia definitely goes better with Isaac and Eva!

Lovelilies Fri 10-Mar-17 17:04:32

I like them both, and one of them is my name grin

Elizabethsimpson Fri 10-Mar-17 18:31:32

I'm sitting with the most beautiful sleeping 4 month old called Olivia on my lap. It's common but I still get so many compliments on her name. It's just so timeless and classy. I feel like she could be an actress, a lawyer, an athlete or a nurse.

Go with Olivia.

RuthB4 Fri 10-Mar-17 18:34:05

Hannah smile

HEL is fine!

Sugarpie9 Fri 10-Mar-17 18:42:10

Thankyou all. We love both.

Olivia feels more interesting to me (even though it is popular)

Hannah is a name I've always loved but worried if it is a little boring. However I do love that it is traditional

Sugarpie9 Fri 10-Mar-17 18:43:55

We have considered a mn although I have always been known as Fn surname and know in reality mns don't get used that often.

Honestly I don't feel like HEL is unusable but worry about the teasing potential

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