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middle names to go after a double barrlled first name !

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indiar556 Fri 10-Mar-17 13:47:45

Say I called my baby Olivia -rose I'm not but that is and example what would you use as a middle name ?

Pencilvester Fri 10-Mar-17 13:57:01

Unless there was an important family member to honour, or a name I had been dying to use but never had the chance, I would not give a middle name. Olivia-Rose Smith is enough of a name in itself, IMO.

TheOnlyLivingToyInNewYork Fri 10-Mar-17 13:58:21

I wouldn't. But then I would never double barrel a first name as I hate that.

Sophronia Fri 10-Mar-17 14:41:01

I'd just use Olivia Rose without the hyphen.

DramaAlpaca Fri 10-Mar-17 14:42:42

I'm with the others. Just Olivia Rose, no hyphen, is enough.

Wolfiefan Fri 10-Mar-17 14:43:40

I wouldn't. Too many names. I like the idea of not having the hyphen and having a first and middle name.

Rockaby Fri 10-Mar-17 15:05:16

I wouldn't use a middle name, no. It just seems like too many names.

jesuspolly Fri 10-Mar-17 15:14:07

Anything you like, would chose a longer one or not at all eg Elizabeth

BillyButtfuck Fri 10-Mar-17 15:23:48

I wouldn't either.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 10-Mar-17 16:40:02

Olivia Rose, drop the hyphen.

BrutusMcDogface Fri 10-Mar-17 16:44:39

What they all said!

NapQueen Fri 10-Mar-17 16:45:30

Olivia first name and Rose second name. Or even better, Rose as a first name and Olivia as a mn

indiar556 Fri 10-Mar-17 19:26:50

Blossom ? Olivia -rose blossom I like the name blossom but couldn't use it as a first name as I can imagine baby toddler even teen with the name but I can't imagine a woman with it for some reason ! we have a long surname think Rossini .

RortyCrankle Fri 10-Mar-17 19:36:21

^ ^

What they all said. Drop the hyphen so middle name is Rose.

greeeen Fri 10-Mar-17 19:49:11

I wouldn't give a middle name just for the sake of it. If you have something you love or is meaningful go ahead but, along with the double barrel and a long surname, that's a lot of names.

ClaryIsTheBest Fri 10-Mar-17 21:38:53

Olivia Rose "Rossini" ? Lovely.

Olivia Rose Millicent/Alice/Cleodie Rossini? Also lovely. (I personally wouldn't use a 3rd nature name)

But I'm not a fan of the hyphen, sorry!

What about using a longer middle name, if that's a concern? Olivia Rosalie?

reuset Fri 10-Mar-17 21:59:22

Agree wouldn't bother. Also wouldn't bother having something to 'go' just for the sake of it, and if you can't think of one, or don't have anything with personal meaning or connection or family name to use.

oleoleoleole Fri 10-Mar-17 22:08:25

Something with a single syllable Grace, Ann, Faye, joy etc

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