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Another Ellie?

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auberginefrog Sat 04-Mar-17 06:36:13

After much struggling we have a tentative agreement on a boys name we both love and a girls name we think is ok but would Elowen just end up as yet another Ellie?

Jooni Sat 04-Mar-17 07:45:39

It's el-OH-wen with the stress on the middle syllable so I think you might be able to avoid Ellie. Maybe Winnie instead?

SuperBeagle Sat 04-Mar-17 09:00:29

I would've pronounced Elowen with the stress on the first syllable, unlike the first poster... But I'm not from the UK.

She may end up Ellie, but I'd probably assume to call her Elowen unless she was introduced as something else (and I'm a notorious name-shortener).

Rockaby Sat 04-Mar-17 09:07:36

I also would have pronounced it EL-owen. I know someone who has a DD with that name and I'm sure that's how they pronounce it, though we really don't talk much so I could be misremembering.

It's a lovely name. Seriously considered it for DD with Winnie as a nn, but DH vetoed.

I wouldn't let the Ellie thing bother me especially. I would just call her something else and it would be up to her if she wanted to be Ellie among friends.

Timefor2 Sat 04-Mar-17 09:14:33

More likely Elle I'd have thought?

nameenvy Sat 04-Mar-17 09:30:14

That's a lovely name go for it. X

Heratnumber7 Sat 04-Mar-17 09:33:54

Isnt it El-OW-en rather than El-oh-wen? (As in "ow that hurts")?

SuperBeagle Sat 04-Mar-17 09:45:23

Isnt it El-OW-en rather than El-oh-wen? (As in "ow that hurts")?

Like the start of the word "allowance"?

I wouldn't have thought so...

Rockaby Sat 04-Mar-17 09:49:16

Never heard of the allowance pronunciation. I'm sure I'd have remembered that one!

Sophronia Sat 04-Mar-17 13:28:42

It's definitely eh-LOW-en. Cornish names always stress the second-to-last syllable.

Heratnumber7 Sun 05-Mar-17 00:38:56

I thought it was a Welsh name, hence the allowance pronunciation suggestion

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 05-Mar-17 01:29:44

Another Ellieconfused. 10 Years ago I'd have been in full agreement, but. I've not heard Ellie in Years.

Dixiestamp Sun 05-Mar-17 01:59:57

Just wanted to say whether she ended up being Ellie or not, Elowen is a gorgeous name.

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