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Why did you call you really kids what you did?

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MiaMoo95 Wed 22-Feb-17 13:25:29

I'm not pregnant but am just wondering made their final decision. Was it a name that you've always liked? Or was it your partners choice?. My boys all have quite 'dated' names according to some, but I love them all because they're all different.

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Wed 22-Feb-17 13:27:19

TIve had wo boys and had only two boys names we agreed on

MiaMoo95 Wed 22-Feb-17 13:33:36

Oops I meant to say why did you call your kids what you did?. Not too sure where really came from!.

MiaMoo95 Wed 22-Feb-17 13:39:46

My boys are Jared Leo John, Adam Toby Craig and Mark David Caleb. So am told they're very dated. I wanted names that you've heard of but aren't everywhere.

antimatter Wed 22-Feb-17 13:41:56

We chose names we liked the sound of and that they are easy to pronounce on respective cultures we cane from as well as in English.
Also tgat those 2 names don't have hidden meanings in all languages we use.
First names came from my mother tongue. I loved those names and knew nice people who were called that.
Middle names from their dad's culture. Each has a meaning we both liked.

Both names are very easy to pronounce and easy to remember.

Hubabubba Wed 22-Feb-17 15:04:36

We chose names we loved and
1) that sound good with our surname
2) that were not 'trendy' so not in the top 100
3) that sound good in many languages

Buntysoven Thu 23-Feb-17 01:09:50

I just loved my DDs name but OH wasnt keen until she was born. OH said she looked like my favourite name so that was that!

nursebickypegs Thu 23-Feb-17 01:27:57

We want to call our son Ted. However it's the "sunday" name we are arguing over; is it Theodore, Edward or Teddy? I would like Theodore but DH isn't inclined. I have a very unusual name which everyone pronounces/spells wrong while my husband has literally the most common name in the English speaking language so I would like something middle of the road, but also a "formal" version of his name.

Love the names on the thread!

Bear2014 Thu 23-Feb-17 10:15:52

We've got a naming 'system' where the baby gets my OH's surname and I choose a first name of significance to my family. We're not married and even if we were I would not change my surname. Our DD is named after my Great Aunt who died the year she was born, and unborn DS will be named after several of my Great and Great, Great grandfathers.

BeakyFlapdoodle Thu 23-Feb-17 21:01:08

Named after the midwife smile

BackforGood Thu 23-Feb-17 21:09:34

They had to be easy to pronounce if someone saw them written down, and easy to spell, if you heard them.
They had to not be the same name as anyone in the fairly close family.

For dcs 2 and 3, they had to be a different initial, and for all 3, they had to be different from dh and my initials
They had to be fairly traditional names that everyone had heard of, and not things they'd have to repeat throughout their lives every single time they had to give their names.
They had to be things that we either liked, or didn't mind the shortenings of.

Rarity75 Thu 23-Feb-17 21:19:42

From being a teenager I always wanted the name Bethany for my future DD. Many years later my DD is Bethany Abigail (Abigail means fathers joy). So I got my first choice and my ExP his first choice (as a second name). It is unusual enough that there aren't many around and she suits the name! She doesn't like it shortened to Beth and I fully agree!

Rarity75 Thu 23-Feb-17 21:20:32

Thank god we didn't have a boy as he wanted jasper confused

Thumperstopthumping Thu 23-Feb-17 21:26:02

I've got a Jasper! Haha.

Rarity75 Thu 23-Feb-17 21:50:41

Omg! Sorry sorry did not mean to put my size 5's in it! blush

Thumperstopthumping Thu 23-Feb-17 23:49:17

Hahah, not fussed at all. He's lovely, not everyone is going to like a name!

HelsinkiLights Thu 23-Feb-17 23:52:10

A name I loved from a book as a teenager & family history.

pieceofpurplesky Thu 23-Feb-17 23:56:55

Names after a sentence in a book that stuck with me. Nobody else liked it at the time but exh agreed I could choose. He has my maiden name as his middle name and since the divorce he uses then full name. He sounds like a rock star!
It's not an unusual name by the way and my best friend from primary (who I lost touch with for 20 years) named her DS the same for the same reason

Ohyesiam Thu 23-Feb-17 23:58:13

I first heard my daughters name when I s a child, and thought it was one of the most lovely words I had every heard. I wanted to wait to meet her before we decided, and luckily it was just right for her ( and equally luckily my oh loved it too).
For my son I wanted a simple name that sounded strong and masculine, and found one we agreed on.

KeyserSophie Fri 24-Feb-17 00:08:35

beaky my dad is called John after the doctor that delivered him. Lucky for him given DGMs first choice grin.

Both my DCs names were a bit of a compromise as DH and I couldn't agree on most- although I now admit that calling an English non-religious child Baptiste was probably not my best idea. I wasn't bothered about popularity and I wanted something socially 'neutral', and easy to pronounce and spell. Middle names are family names-DS after mine and DHs dad's ( conveniently got the same name) and DD after my GM.

reuset Fri 24-Feb-17 02:32:39

Jared isn't/hasn't been popular enough to date, not a top 100 name. Adam is quite timeless, it;s been in the top 100 for decades, and is still there, though it's had its peaks and troughs. Mark's probably the most 'dated' but it's a solid biblical name and hasn't sunk into obscurity like trendy names of the era it peaked.

That's not what you asked for. Just disagreeing with those who said they were dated grin

OddShoe Fri 24-Feb-17 08:47:54

Both of mine have got names that I wasn't particularly keen on in pregnancy but now adore. They're more classic names than trendy.

I find it very hard to choose a name when I'm pregnant because it's all so hypothetical so I just have a list and wait and see how I feel once the baby is here.

crapfatbanana Fri 24-Feb-17 09:31:11

The names we used were names we had chosen - or at least said we liked- several years before. We did make short lists including other options but ended up with the names dear to our hearts.

crookedhooker Fri 24-Feb-17 09:41:47

The first born son in my dad's family have been given the same name since the 1700's. My dad died when I was young so wanted to continue the tradition as I'm an only child. Both my grandfather's had the same name as did two of my husbands uncles who died as teenagers so it kept both sides happy. We have his full name on birth certificate but use a short version at home, his friends use a shorter version of that again and I find myself using it toon as it's suits him.

WindwardCircle Fri 24-Feb-17 09:42:30

I only have one. She was named for the time of year she was born, but we wouldn't have forced a seasonal name if there weren't any we liked. There were actually two suitable names we liked, but one had two different variants and we couldn't agree on those so we went with the other name. The middle names were after family members and she has my second name because DH dislikes his, and there are no other children in my family with the name to carry it on, whereas there are several in DH's with his name.

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