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Thoughts please

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Peachybanana Tue 21-Feb-17 00:10:20

I like the names Breagh (bree-ah) or Darragh (darr-ah) for a little girl but DP is not so keen, he what do you guys think?

Sophronia Tue 21-Feb-17 00:27:29

I like Darragh for a boy, never heard it for a girl, and I haven't heard of Breagh.

How about Caragh, Bronagh, Clodagh, Oonagh or Orlagh instead?

Sugarpiehoneyeye Tue 21-Feb-17 08:58:04

Love Clodagh and Bronagh.

KoalaDownUnder Tue 21-Feb-17 08:59:06

Isn't Darragh a boys' name?

Breagh is awful. Sorry.

strawberrypenguin Tue 21-Feb-17 09:00:08

I thought Darragh was a boys name. Don't like either for a girl I'm afraid

JeSouhaite Tue 21-Feb-17 09:03:22

Breagh sounds ok but really jars written down. Neither are awful but not nice enough to justify the repeating and spelling you/your child would have to do. Just my opinion though, my other opinion is that if you love it it doesn't matter what strangers on the internet think!

JeSouhaite Tue 21-Feb-17 09:04:13

I would say though that it does matter what she thinks, so if he's really not keen, I'd think of something else.

Purplebluebird Tue 21-Feb-17 09:14:54

I would probably spell it Brea or something instead. Don't like the other one.

avaj Tue 21-Feb-17 09:26:35

I like them both, although I've only ever met boy Darragh's.
I prefer the spelling Brea and Dara, although if you're in Ireland your spellings would be the norm.

chipsnmayo Tue 21-Feb-17 09:27:14

Neither are great TBH, what about Briar?

avaj Tue 21-Feb-17 09:31:37

I also know a Brigha which I think is the gaelic spelling. I think it's a really pretty name.

KlingybunFistelvase Tue 21-Feb-17 18:14:51

Sorry, but I think both are horrid. Just personal taste and all that - the sounds are just not nice to me. I do like Brianna and Bryony. Darcy is ok too.

MissTakesOurMaid Tue 21-Feb-17 18:26:55

Darragh would be instantly out for me as I thought that was a boys name. Breagh is very harsh written down, but nicknamed Brea/Bree is nice.

MrsMeeseeks Tue 21-Feb-17 18:28:08

Darragh is a boy's name, surely?

DappledThings Tue 21-Feb-17 19:50:39

Darragh is definitely a boy's name

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