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circleSoflife Sat 18-Feb-17 12:00:37

Expecting dc4.

If it's a boy, it will be a Thomas possibly nn Tom.

How are people's views on Lisa? Is it too 80s? I have always love the name as I think it's simple, unpretentious and feminine suiting a girl and a grown woman.

Lisa, yay or nay?

Gwenhwyfar Sat 18-Feb-17 12:04:15


SoleBizzz Sat 18-Feb-17 12:11:25

It's a nice nane

NannyR Sat 18-Feb-17 12:11:48

I quite like it, it's a pretty sounding name and will be quite unusual amongst her peers without being a name that noone has heard of.

Cliffdiver Sat 18-Feb-17 12:14:22

I really like it.

fluentinsarcasm Sat 18-Feb-17 12:27:58

Nothing wrong with it, little bland for my taste.
Reminds me of a relative who was thinking about naming dd Alison, nice enough, probably due a comeback, boring as..

RedSauce Sat 18-Feb-17 12:43:23

I never knew that Lisa was seen as "dated" til I started posting on mumsnet. I guess it was hugely popular 20-30 years ago and has dropped drastically in the charts since then.

But if you think about it, it fits with the current styles - short, snappy, ends in a - so I'm not sure why it's not popular.

I like it. Forget the charts and just pick a name you like.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sat 18-Feb-17 12:49:56

Yes its very 70s and 80s, but. So what. I'd say it's due a revival.
Plus it'll be very refreshing amongst a class full of Avas Evas Isobels and Lilys. Mind you 40 years down the line. People will be saying.
Oh think Ava's due a come back. Name cylces come and go don't they

Ellieboolou27 Sat 18-Feb-17 12:51:19

Nice, I have a lovely friend called Lisa.

circleSoflife Sat 18-Feb-17 12:53:40

^Mind you 40 years down the line. People will be saying.
Oh think Ava's due a come back^
haha! very true. thank you for your relies. Lisa is probably one of the most unoriginal names but i think it sounds pretty and cool, smart whilst 'blending in'; the name Lisa, in my view, is just that a name not an attempt at self expression iykwim.

Would you spell it Lisa or Liza? What are the Lisas you know like?

circleSoflife Sat 18-Feb-17 12:53:58

*replies, sorry!

Bluntness100 Sat 18-Feb-17 12:59:13

Lisa and Liza are two different names, think of Lisa Marie Presley and Liza Minnelli. They are sounded differently, I think Lisa is the prettier name of the two.

TheTartOfAsgard Sat 18-Feb-17 13:52:03

Dd13's best friend is a Lisa. I love it! She also had a friend called Beverley but not as keen on that

circleSoflife Sat 18-Feb-17 13:53:30

I agree Blunt. DH seems to be ok with 'Lisa' but is not loving it so i thought i should explore similar but slightly different options. I much prefer Lisa to Liza too (personal pref, nothing against the name Liza). thanks

reuset Sat 18-Feb-17 14:08:36

Bland indifference for me. Sorry. Nothing wrong with it otherwise.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sat 18-Feb-17 14:20:47

I like Lisa, but prefer Elise/Elisa

FATEdestiny Sat 18-Feb-17 14:20:49

I don't like it on the basis that it's so boring and indifferent, as a name.

I can think of much better names that for the remit of sounds pretty and cool, smart whilst 'blending in', a name not an attempt at self expression


gameofchance Sat 18-Feb-17 14:25:56

Nothing wrong with it. I don't understand the trend for having unusual or original names - I like a few names on FATE's list but there are loads of Rebecca's / Kate's around

Alisvolatpropiis Sat 18-Feb-17 15:17:27

I've met a few Lisa's. All have been perfectly nice, if a bit bland.

GreedyDuck Sat 18-Feb-17 15:18:21

Loathe it personally, but i was at school in the eighties and knew some absolutely vile Lisas, which is colouring my view.

wobblywonderwoman Sat 18-Feb-17 15:20:04

Agree with poster above Eloise would be better.

Yika Sat 18-Feb-17 15:20:16

I love it. Could also be short for Elisabeth.

wobblywonderwoman Sat 18-Feb-17 15:20:38

Elise or Eloise

piefacerecords Sat 18-Feb-17 15:24:01

I like it.

Imo there's nothing more bland than givng your DC a nane that's been in the top 10 for the last gazzillion years (Amelia, Ellie, Evie.... yawn).

EggsEleven Sat 18-Feb-17 15:24:39

I'm late 30s and went to school with what seemed like ten million Lisas. I didn't really like the name then and I'm still not keen on it now. The name is just very bland imo.

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