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Faye, Kate or Rose?

(17 Posts)
AppleSkies Wed 08-Feb-17 03:31:40

Middle name for Autumn.


SuperBeagle Wed 08-Feb-17 06:09:41

Autumn Kate.

mum2be2boys Wed 08-Feb-17 07:33:32

Faye Autumn

Sugarpiehoneyeye Wed 08-Feb-17 11:15:23

Definitely Autumn Rose, so very pretty.

PotteringAlong Wed 08-Feb-17 11:17:18


reuset Wed 08-Feb-17 11:43:22


goinglocomoto Wed 08-Feb-17 11:43:49


Sophronia Wed 08-Feb-17 12:04:45

Autumn Faye

harderandharder2breathe Wed 08-Feb-17 14:08:27

Rose is pretty but such a predictable middle name

I like Autumn Kate

NisekoWhistler Wed 08-Feb-17 14:16:38

Autumn Faye sounds like something held in a village hall around October time.
Both lovely names just not together. Rose would be best IMHO

reuset Wed 08-Feb-17 14:34:10

Autumn Faye sounds like something held in a village hall around October time
grin It does

KlingybunFistelvase Wed 08-Feb-17 16:59:07


pinkish Thu 09-Feb-17 11:10:44

Love Faye - much nicer than Autumn imo

AlfaMummy Thu 09-Feb-17 11:11:56

Rose, such a lovely name

HeadlessGummyBears Sat 11-Feb-17 10:45:30

Autumn Rose.

TeshiB Sat 11-Feb-17 10:58:18


KanyeWesticle Sat 11-Feb-17 11:15:14

Kate. Kate is classy, pretty, interesting and timeless. Faye is too close to Autumn Fayre, and Autumn Rose is too much like a plant variety. Also Rose is very popular as a middle.

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