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Georgia Violet or Penelope Violet?

(50 Posts)
katherine775 Tue 07-Feb-17 18:02:16

We've finally decided to go with Violet as the middle name smile
What do you think? ❤
Katherine x

Awwlookatmybabyspider Tue 07-Feb-17 18:04:19

Georgia Violet

KlingybunFistelvase Tue 07-Feb-17 18:08:59

Penelope Violet smile

Sandsnake Tue 07-Feb-17 18:11:01

Georgia Violet

greeeen Tue 07-Feb-17 18:19:42

Georgia violet

LittleBoat Tue 07-Feb-17 18:20:46

Parma Violet?

katherine775 Tue 07-Feb-17 18:29:40

LittleBoat - I think not!

WallisFrizz Tue 07-Feb-17 18:30:58

Penelope but Georgia is lovely too.

LittleBoat Tue 07-Feb-17 18:31:21

Sorry, couldn't resist.

I would go with Georgia Violet. Beautiful name smile

justanotheryoungmother Tue 07-Feb-17 18:47:30

Georgia Violet smile

AlwaysTheWinner Tue 07-Feb-17 18:48:34

Georgia Violet. Lovely name!

SuperBeagle Tue 07-Feb-17 18:56:29

Georgia Violet is so, so lovely. smile

chel0317 Tue 07-Feb-17 19:00:46

Georgia Violet - Such a pretty name

minipie Tue 07-Feb-17 19:02:01

Georgia Violet

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 07-Feb-17 19:02:25

Georgia Violet

Bringbacksummer Tue 07-Feb-17 19:02:40

Georgia Violet

Bringbacksummer Tue 07-Feb-17 19:03:04

Love it!!

Sugarpiehoneyeye Tue 07-Feb-17 19:22:37

Penelope Violet.

Ilovecaindingle Tue 07-Feb-17 19:24:02

Georgia Violet.

Kazzawazza69 Tue 07-Feb-17 21:09:27

Georgia Violet for me too x

mum2be2boys Tue 07-Feb-17 21:53:23

Both nice but I prefer Georgia Violet

CocoLoco87 Tue 07-Feb-17 22:05:07

Penelope Violet

user1486384482 Wed 08-Feb-17 01:54:54

Penelope Violet! Georgia is lovely too but there's something extra Penelope has.

Imaginingdragonsagain Wed 08-Feb-17 08:08:46

Georgia Violet

Sophronia Wed 08-Feb-17 12:06:06


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