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Can I have an Autumn Rose?

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AlicesFairiesAreComingForTea Mon 06-Feb-17 14:42:50

Thank you smile

Orangebird69 Mon 06-Feb-17 14:43:42

Lord no. Sappy contrived name.

hearyoume Mon 06-Feb-17 14:44:08


EverythingEverywhere1234 Mon 06-Feb-17 14:44:43

As in that would her first and middle name?
I rather like it, and I'm one who hates the likes of Scarlett Rose etc. I love the name Autumn.

LeopardPrintSocks1 Mon 06-Feb-17 14:44:45

I have a relation with that name and they call her the full name as everyone else has to, it's a mouthful. I love Autumn though

AlicesFairiesAreComingForTea Mon 06-Feb-17 14:46:07

Rose would be the middle name

EverythingEverywhere1234 Mon 06-Feb-17 14:49:49

I love it.

steppemum Mon 06-Feb-17 14:51:10

orangebird - bit harsh???

I like it. I don't normally like Summer Autumn Winter etc as names, but I do like the sound of that.
The only thing is, that I would only use it if she was born in the Autumn.

Positivitee Mon 06-Feb-17 14:51:32

Of course you can. A very pretty name but may raise some eyebrows if born in April...

LadyMaryofDownt0n Mon 06-Feb-17 14:51:33

Love it!

KlingybunFistelvase Mon 06-Feb-17 15:15:55

Yes smile

Sparklingbrook Mon 06-Feb-17 15:17:26

No. Sounds like something at a garden centre.

But saying that how often do middle names get used anyway.

reuset Mon 06-Feb-17 15:24:32

Don't see why not, Rose is a popular middle name and they're rarely said together. If you were suggesting a hyphenated or double first Autumn-Rose I would be more lukewarm grin

AugustRose Mon 06-Feb-17 15:34:18

Yes - but I might think that as it's close to my MN name grin

autumnboys Mon 06-Feb-17 15:38:40

I would, I think it's pretty.

Fraggleface Mon 06-Feb-17 15:46:28

Autumn is slightly unusual and quite pretty. Rose is boring and overused imo.

Sparklingbrook Mon 06-Feb-17 15:47:40

Didn't Nicole Kidman call her DD 'Sunday Rose'. Which is a bit too close to Sunday Roast for my liking.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 06-Feb-17 17:50:26

Of course you can, beautiful name.

FineLookingHighHorse Mon 06-Feb-17 21:22:41


PunkrockerGirl Mon 06-Feb-17 21:25:42

Awful. Poor kid.

BaymaxismyHero Mon 06-Feb-17 21:28:43


MrsPringles Mon 06-Feb-17 21:32:28

I think it's very pretty op smile

Vanillamanilla1 Mon 06-Feb-17 21:33:13


Wheredidallthejaffacakesgo Mon 06-Feb-17 21:37:44

I think it's beautiful. Good luck with the pregnancy and birth smile

seven201 Mon 06-Feb-17 22:27:47

When I read the title I thought you meant would it be ok to name your baby rose in the autumn time blush. I wouldn't use it personally as it's just not my taste but I do like it.

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