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user1486384482 Mon 06-Feb-17 12:58:16

What do you think of the name Clementine? (Pronounced "Tyne" and nicknamed Emmie).

Pipilangstrumpf Mon 06-Feb-17 14:25:39

Why call her Emmie but name her Clementine hmm?

Personally I would choose a name you love (e.g. Emma, Emily, Emilia or Emme) and let possible nicknames evolve naturally.

reuset Mon 06-Feb-17 15:32:38

It's a fine name, OP. But they always end up as Clemmie or Clem in my experience grin

ILoveMyMonkey Mon 06-Feb-17 15:38:15

Emmie is a real name, why not just use that?

The name Emmie is of German origin, and is used mostly in English speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world.

ReggaeShark Mon 06-Feb-17 15:39:25


RedSauce Mon 06-Feb-17 15:48:01

I love Clementine! But I don't like Emmie.

EggsEleven Mon 06-Feb-17 15:49:28

I like Clementine but not Emmie.

Pipilangstrumpf Mon 06-Feb-17 15:49:49

They're such different names. Clementine/Clemmie vs Emmie/Emily.

Batteriesallgone Mon 06-Feb-17 15:50:05

Love it. And love long names with nicknames.

DH has vetoed it because it's a fruit sad

PaintingOwls Mon 06-Feb-17 16:00:53

Like the name, not convinced by the nn.

Etihad Mon 06-Feb-17 16:06:14

If you really want that nn could you call her Emmeline?

MuseumOfCurry Mon 06-Feb-17 16:10:48

I absolutely love Clementine. My kids' NNs have nothing to do with their names, incidentally.

user1484603141 Mon 06-Feb-17 16:17:18

When I first read the name I thought it was a gorgeous and unusual name, before my brain kicked in with the song, and your daughter growing up with it. My name was unusual growing up and had ppl shout a certain phrase after me, thinking they were very clever.

mumsiedarlingrevolta Mon 06-Feb-17 16:35:27

My DD is called Clementine.
I was reading the letters of Winston and Clementine Churchill when I fell pregnant and I knew immediately it was her name. I still adore it.
She gets called Clemmie by her friends-I do think Emmie is a very sweet but less obvious NN-will it make you crazy if she is called Clemmie? as I suspect she will be
If you definitely want Emmie then Emmeline is lovely and NN Emmie??
But at the end of the day names are very personal and you pick what you love for your DD.
Clementine definitely stood the test of time for us-name fads go in and out-and lots of opinions so go with what you want.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 06-Feb-17 17:48:01

Lovely ! 😀

Sophronia Mon 06-Feb-17 18:31:10

Very nice!

katherine775 Mon 06-Feb-17 19:20:53

Love Emmie. Not so keen on clementine. Why not Emma, Emilia, or Emily etc. If you want the nickname?

Jooni Mon 06-Feb-17 19:32:22

I like Clementine but I agree that she will likely get called Clem/Clemmie, at least sometimes. If you hate those nicknames I'd avoid, otherwise go with it and by all means try to get people to use Emmie if that's the nn you prefer.

heateallthebuns Mon 06-Feb-17 19:39:18

When I first read the name I thought it was a gorgeous and unusual name, before my brain kicked in with the song,

This ^^

MiniMaxi Mon 06-Feb-17 20:05:22

I like Clementine but why not Clemmie as nn?

GreatScot8 Mon 06-Feb-17 20:12:52

I like Emmie (prefer the spelling Emmy), but not Clementine, and also agree with others that she'll get Clem/Clemmie rather than Emmie.

DramaAlpaca Mon 06-Feb-17 21:40:38

Clementine is gorgeous, but it's probably a bit of a stretch to get Emmie as a nickname. As others have said, she'll get Clemmie or Clem - both of which are nice too.

mainlywingingit Mon 06-Feb-17 23:31:42

Have you considered Clemency? V pretty I think

mainlywingingit Mon 06-Feb-17 23:32:08

And the Emmie/ Emy think fits

Katietwinmum Mon 06-Feb-17 23:34:57

I'm 30 and so remember Marc Owen of Take That fame had a solo single Clementine. If you can listen to that and still like the name go for it! It's a sweet name but obviously small oranges or his not so dulcet tones spring to mind for me..

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