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MrsNuckyThompson Sat 04-Feb-17 08:52:09

Hmmm, forgive my millionth name thread. We are really really struggling to choose a name for DD. We each have long lists of names we like but none we both like/love!

What do you think of Xanthe? Too out there? Pretentious? I love that it is an ancient Greek name.

Other possibles are:


Remit (to go with DS' name) is something classic / not modern but not too popular. Xanthe may be pushing that definition (its classic but surely in an extreme way)?

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 04-Feb-17 08:53:45

Love it.

Okite Sat 04-Feb-17 08:55:54

We know a Xanthe, she invariably gets called Xanth by her school mates.
It is a bit out there, but not too far I don't think

SparklyUnicornPoo Sat 04-Feb-17 08:56:54

Absolutely love it.
I also like Elena, but Xanthe is better.

ThereAreNoWords Sat 04-Feb-17 08:57:35

Love it. On our list, as is Camilla. Our list also has Esme, Faith and Olive if that's any help...

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sat 04-Feb-17 09:16:52

Xanthe is a beautiful name. My friends daughter is nick named Xana.

MrsNuckyThompson Sat 04-Feb-17 09:32:46

Wow! Thank you all! therearenowords - funny we both have those names on there. I like Olive too but my DH has an exgf (from literally 20 years ago!) by that name so he has vetoed!

Jooni Sat 04-Feb-17 09:58:49

I love it, and the other names on your list (helpful). I wouldn't call Xanthe a classic/traditional name though, though it's certainly old. It is quite modern in terms of aesthetics IYKWIM.

KlingybunFistelvase Sat 04-Feb-17 10:04:21

I love Elena but not the others really. Tess is ok. Xanthe isn't my cup of tea, nor is camilla. I find them a bit fussy.

Floggingmolly Sat 04-Feb-17 10:06:10

How is Xanthe pronounced? It looks awful written down; like a word cobbled together on a scrabble board...

ReginaGeorgeinSheepsClothing Sat 04-Feb-17 10:13:58

Love Xanthe! (It's Greek so X sounds as a Z) it's def on my list if we have a girl!

PenelopeFlintstone Sat 04-Feb-17 10:14:48


PenelopeFlintstone Sat 04-Feb-17 10:15:26

Thee to rhyme with tree, that is.

FraterculaArctica Sat 04-Feb-17 10:15:58

Love it, we used it!

PenelopeFlintstone Sat 04-Feb-17 10:16:15

Oh bugger! How to describe the 'sharp' the sound????

Bundao Sat 04-Feb-17 10:16:35

Love it, I also like Camilla. Not keen on the others.

PenelopeFlintstone Sat 04-Feb-17 10:17:12

Th not the!! So sorry for these posts. Wish I hadn't!

Floggingmolly Sat 04-Feb-17 10:18:44

Thanks, Penelope grin. It doesn't sound any better than it looks...

Yika Sat 04-Feb-17 10:25:11

Xanthe is lovely (perhaps a little trendy - I know a few). Very pretty.

How about Xenia or Eleni? (For the Greek feel)

I also like Camilla a lot.

Tess is nice but a bit abrupt. Personally I would rather use it as a short form of a longer name. Or Tessa.

PenelopeFlintstone Sat 04-Feb-17 10:28:20

FloggingMolly Glad to be of not much service grin

Bipbopbee Sat 04-Feb-17 10:35:40

Absolutely love Xanthe. There won't be a million others in the class either!!

MrsNuckyThompson Sat 04-Feb-17 10:43:47

Thanks Yika. Unfortunately neither of us really like Theresa which would be the normal derivative for Tess. Xenia I like although it's a bit like 'Xena, Warrior Princess'! Eleni is nice though and suppose it works well as we already like Elena!

ReginaGeorgeinSheepsClothing Sat 04-Feb-17 11:13:42

How about the French Otessa for your Tess derivative?

Nonameyet1 Sat 04-Feb-17 12:53:34

I love Xanthe!

AnnetteKertan Sat 04-Feb-17 12:54:03

I have a Xanthe so clearly like it, although we have some issues in that people struggle to grasp it and I have to repeat her name a lot. I often call her Xanth but no one else seems to.

I'm surprised by a pp saying she knows a few. On average there's only around 60 born each year so it's quite uncommon but I'd say it's one of those names that you overhear in the park then use for subsequent children so it a few pop up in the same area.

I agree with same pp that Tess seems unfinished. I prefer Tessa.

I like Camilla.

Whilst the Elena spelling isn't too common, I think that name with get lost with all the Ellie/Ella/Eleanors which are around.

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