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Celeste... middle names?

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Noodlehair Fri 03-Feb-17 08:21:43

DH loves the name Celeste for our dd2 due in May. I wasn't sure at first but it's really grown on me. But we are stumped for a middle name. Our surname begins with a C. I'd love to come back to him with a bit of a shortlist but I'm stumped so suggestions are very welcome please smile

Whohasnickedmyvodka Fri 03-Feb-17 08:22:48

I have a 14m dd Celeste Beatrice

petitdonkey Fri 03-Feb-17 08:25:29

Do you have any family names you might like to use? You will be surprised that they will end up going together even if they don't seem like an obvious match. All the women in my family have Mary in there somewhere (Irish Catholic family!) - it seems to go with any name.

Celeste is beautiful!

BikeRunSki Fri 03-Feb-17 08:27:02

You can't have Celeste Mary!!! smile

Noodlehair Fri 03-Feb-17 08:47:43

Oh yes the Marie Celeste connection!

I've no names in the family I'd like to use really, I've already been through a fair few and ruled them out. God it's hard!

Whohasnickedmyvodka does your DD ever get it shortened to anything or do you prefer to call her by her full name?

Blazedandconfused Fri 03-Feb-17 08:55:54

My niece is Celeste. I chose the name. It's beautiful. Lucky I had 2 boys because it is the only girls name I love.

I don't think it needs a middle name.

Blazedandconfused Fri 03-Feb-17 08:57:34

Lestey was her baby nickname, younger cousins call her this now. Adults and school friend now call her celestey.

TartYvette Fri 03-Feb-17 09:03:37

Celeste Belle (Celle Belle)

HairsprayBabe Fri 03-Feb-17 09:10:45

Celeste Evaine
Celeste Marie
Celeste Evelyn
Celeste Vivienne
Celeste Beau
Celeste Lucinda
Celeste Belinda

Whohasnickedmyvodka Fri 03-Feb-17 09:14:44

I Call her lestey sometimes or lestey lulu

GinIsIn Fri 03-Feb-17 09:18:20

Definitely not to the posters suggesting Celeste Mary as Celeste Marie!! grin

Celeste being a French name, did you want a French inspired middle name?

Celeste Alice
Celeste Juliette
Celeste Delphine
Celeste Rose
Celeste Isabel
Celeste Francesca

GinIsIn Fri 03-Feb-17 09:19:23

And, not as! confused

Also, the 2 Celestes I know are known as Cece, and Celia for short....

Noodlehair Fri 03-Feb-17 09:42:12

Oooh BRILLIANT suggestions! Thank you!

Youngest daughter is Carmen Loveday so wanted something equally as pretty ideally but it's proving a hard act to follow!

crapfatbanana Fri 03-Feb-17 10:01:44

I was going to suggest Celeste Louise, but that would the mean exact same initials as her sister.

Celeste Amelie (CAC initial prob?)
Celeste Honor
Celeste Miriam
Celeste Fleur

petitdonkey Fri 03-Feb-17 10:07:50

Sorry! I wasn't suggesting Mary just that it's a family name for us that I wouldn't have otherwise chosen!

Loveday is hard to follow - I was only talking about it on wedneday as two of my colleagues have it as a middle name. Would you consider using it again? Both of my DDs have Mary but they have another middle name too.

fluffiphlox Fri 03-Feb-17 10:14:12

I'm afraid the name Céleste just reminds me of Babar's cousin.

Noodlehair Fri 03-Feb-17 10:32:23

Celeste is Babar's wife! And I loved Babar as a child so for me its a positive smile

AutumnalLeaves38 Fri 03-Feb-17 11:06:38

Celeste Lucienne ..... the origins together mean "Heavenly Light". Beautiful!

AutumnalLeaves38 Fri 03-Feb-17 11:08:50

Oops! Perhaps you're wanting to avoid the same initials as her sister's?

Noodlehair Fri 03-Feb-17 11:35:45

AutumnalLeaves that is GORGEOUS! I'm not bothered by matching initials, neither is DH so this absolutely going on this he shortlist! Thank you!

There's lovely suggestions, will show DH this thread later.

fluffiphlox Fri 03-Feb-17 11:54:53

noodle. He marries his cousin! Seriously. I know!

fluffiphlox Fri 03-Feb-17 11:55:56

I meant 'I know' as an expression of mock shock, not omniscience. smile

Noodlehair Fri 03-Feb-17 12:03:15

Blimey really?! I never knew! shock

BoboChic Fri 03-Feb-17 12:05:04

Celeste Rosalinda

Adory Fri 03-Feb-17 12:26:38

Love it

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