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Clementine and Olive, when surname starts with a fruit?

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Our surname starts with a fruit, and let's say for the sake of an example, it is Pearby.

DH has said our surname rules out both Clementine and Olive, because Clementine/Olive 'Pearby' are both too fruity.

He's right isn't he?

regularbutpanickingabit Thu 02-Feb-17 11:37:04

Yes, sorry. Although olive is more of an issue because of the colour connection.

Ilovecaindingle Thu 02-Feb-17 11:38:29

Mm maybe bit open to be the amusement of others. .
But a lady I know has a Holly and an Ivy due soon - some people aren't bothered by outside opinions tho.

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Thu 02-Feb-17 11:44:45

I don't think either example is that bad. They are both nice names, I wouldn't immediately think they were "too fruity". I know someone called Clementine Curd though, so perhaps that has lowered my standards and I maintain that they may as well have called her Lemon.

SeveredPixieBits Thu 02-Feb-17 11:46:47

He's right, sorry.

Mum8 Thu 02-Feb-17 16:23:27

How about Olivia so you avoid the fruity combo? Better to avoid that I think...

TDmoocher Thu 02-Feb-17 16:30:53

Agree pp, Olivia may be better and Clemence?

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