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Mayjorly regretting my son's name.

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MissMoon10 Thu 02-Feb-17 03:17:19

I can't even sleep properly sad he's our PFB, so I just hate it when I mess up.

His name is Greyson (we assumed Grey would be his NN?)

Oh no, he gets 'Greys' (pronounced exactly like Grace). I know it's probably a very minor thing, but I feel like I've messed up massively. People do assume his name is Grace because of how many people use Greys. I'm sure in different accents it sounds different to Grace, but where we are they sound exactly the same.

I'm so fed up. I know it's silly but I really can't help it.

CarelessWispas Thu 02-Feb-17 03:28:37

What's his middle name? Can you swap to that? How old is your son & what does he think/ feel about it?

MaryPoppinsPenguins Thu 02-Feb-17 03:32:02

Grey (and greyson) are great names! Can you not persevere to get people to say it correctly?

GRW Thu 02-Feb-17 03:32:59

Depending on how old he is, would you consider changing the name? Or using his middle name? If not I expect people will get used to using the full name.

GirlOverboard Thu 02-Feb-17 03:40:48

Grey is a good name, why not change it to that?

Mummyoflittledragon Thu 02-Feb-17 03:52:50

I knew a guy called Grey. I think it's a great name. You sound perhaps a bit too self effacing. Time to start being a bit more assertive perhaps? Just correct people. Move on.

MissMoon10 Thu 02-Feb-17 03:54:22

Can I just say 'Mayjorly' was a typo

He is 11 months old. His middle name is Charles but it's his dad's name so I can't use it.

Grey is also good and I could introduce him as Grey but is there still a chance they will add an s on the end?

NightCzar Thu 02-Feb-17 03:57:21

I think if he's introduced as Grey it will be fine. You are still in control of his name right now (ie he doesn't yet introduce himself) so just say Grey every time.

Confutatis Thu 02-Feb-17 04:38:01

I've an acquaintance called Grey. It's never Greys. If you call him Grey in time he'd just slot into this.

Have you thought of Sonny?

AmeliaJack Thu 02-Feb-17 04:39:51

Just introduce him as Grey. Once he starts speaking he'll start correcting people himself.

Catherinebee85 Thu 02-Feb-17 04:46:29

How old is he? People will know he's not called Grace. Correct people til he's old enough to do it himself. I think you'll look back in a few years and realise you were worrying about nothing xx

PineapplePunch Thu 02-Feb-17 04:55:30

I love the name Greyson. Just correct people.

Itwillbefine Thu 02-Feb-17 04:55:33

Just keep calling him Grey it will stick. Or 'G'?

Names and nicknames develop without knowing quite how. Will still occasionally call DS2 (8) Pond because that's what his big brother thought he should be called.

Please try not to worry.

FrankWelker Thu 02-Feb-17 05:01:18

Confutatis: why Sonny? ( my DS name! But comes with terrible shortening- Nuns by his friends don't ask me why!)
Fantastic name Greyson- just correct people. I don't understand people shortening it to Greys. I'd shorten to Grey. Don't give up on the name- it's lovely.

Itwillbefine Thu 02-Feb-17 05:07:22

My DS is Alistair, at nursery they shortened it to Ali which I hated. We shorten it to Al if anything. When he left nursery the nickname was left behind too, if you call him Grey everyone around you copy, but to make sure correct them.

user1477282676 Thu 02-Feb-17 05:27:54

Fine my friend calls her son Ali short for Alistair and I just think it sounds so feminine! They all say "Oh here's Ali!" and I think "Alison" I don't blame you preferring Al.

Frank I assume Sonny was suggested as Greyson ends in son.

finnmcool Thu 02-Feb-17 05:31:44

Why don't you just correct people? My daughter is called Charlotte.
The amount of people that called her Charlie was ridiculous!
I simply said "her name is Charlotte" Every Single Time.
Two months, people figured it out and called her Charlotte.

flissfloss65 Thu 02-Feb-17 05:51:59

My friend's dd shortened Grace to Grey and everyone says Grey. Just correct people. Grey is a great nickname.

sycamore54321 Thu 02-Feb-17 05:52:01

You can't control other people. Just correct them each time and let it sink in.

Your reaction to a fairly simple thing - not sleeping, etc - sounds very extreme. Is there any chance you might have a touch of post-natal depression or similar? Often with PND people seem to focus on a seemingly minor thing as a focal point when in reality there are broader issues at play. Worth thinking about.

HopelesslydevotedtoGu Thu 02-Feb-17 05:53:56

If you still like the name, I would start introducing him as Grey. You can say "he's Grey, short for Greyson" if you want to share his full name too. But get Grey in there at first hello!

Start correcting people who already say "Grace". Just say pleasantly "we prefer Grey as a nickname". You will have to correct them a lot at first until they get used to it, but they will.

Mclaren37 Thu 02-Feb-17 05:55:06

'Greys'?? Why on earth would people shorten it to that? Grey is so obviously the obvious short name for Greyson!!shock people are muppets sometimes honestly!
I know two toddler Greysons who are both known as just Grey. Definitely do not worry about or change his name - you made a great choice. As pp's have said, you should just refer to him 100% as Grey for a few months. Until everyone picks up on it. It will soon stick!

GreatScot8 Thu 02-Feb-17 05:57:04

Either introduce him as Greyson or Grey, and then people will tend to follow suit. But you'll probably always get people who shorten his name to Greys anyway (just like Alexandras will always get Alex, ditto Elizabeth with Lizzy and Madeleines with Maddie, or Benjamins with Ben, Davids with Dave etc).

I've found (having a name that is commonly shortened) as I get older that people just use whichever name I introduce myself with. I get the occasional X shortening, but never by people who know me beyond acquaintanceship.

Don't worry too much. Greyson is lovely. smile

MandyFl0ss Thu 02-Feb-17 06:28:03

It's a nice name
Own it!

JugglingMuggle Thu 02-Feb-17 07:16:48

In the first weeks after our son was born a few people tried to shorten his name (I'm looking at you MIL) and I instantly put my foot down. We'd picked a name that couldn't naturally be shortened but some people will always want to find a pet name. Anyway after a month or so of correcting people it stopped. He's now 7 and absolutely everybody calls him by his full name, as we wanted. Just persevere.

Timefor2 Thu 02-Feb-17 07:26:20

That's a cute name and I agree just keep using Grey yourself and people will cotton on (some will be more obtuse than others though I'm afraid and may ultimately need telling!).

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