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Some more unusual than others... thoughts on our list please?

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ThePartyArtist Mon 30-Jan-17 12:58:06

Baby's arrival is now fairly imminent and we're still completely undecided on names. We don't know the sex.

Things to bear in mind:
- We live in England
- The name must go with a double barrel surname - first part of which is one you always have to spell and is frequently mispronounced; second part of which is very common.
- We'd like something where people can pronounce it and know which gender it is.

Thoughts please on the following as first names or middle names?



Sophronia Mon 30-Jan-17 13:23:29

Ruben/Reuben is very popular and trendy at the moment. I'd avoid that one. I really like Douglas and Gwilym from your boys list, and Arianwen and Ffion from the girls.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 30-Jan-17 13:24:31

I detest Ruben. I think its the most horrible name there is..
I don't like Douglas, but Dougie is cute.
Gwyliem is quite nice
Rory is by far the nicest
Rory Gwyliem would be nice.

I don't like any of your girls names.
I'm sick to the back teeth of Ruby and April.

Pixilicious Mon 30-Jan-17 13:26:25

Rory and Iris. I don't like any of the others

HouseworkIsASin10 Mon 30-Jan-17 13:27:24

Love April.

1happyhippie Mon 30-Jan-17 13:30:32

From your list my favourites are Rory and April.
I don't really like any of the others to be honest. I have never heard of Europa

LuxuryWoman2017 Mon 30-Jan-17 13:33:31

I really love Ruben and Iris is the best of a bunch I don't really like. I really don't like Douglas, it brings to mind a certain type of man (dull Doug who bangs on and on about boring subjects)

HolisticAssassin Mon 30-Jan-17 13:35:36

Rory tardis
April or Avril if an April baby otherwise Ruby

Loyly Mon 30-Jan-17 13:38:13

I like Rory and Iris.

EverythingEverywhere1234 Mon 30-Jan-17 13:38:17

Rory and Douglas (Dougie) are cute. I kind of like April, but none of your girls' names jump out at me tbh!

Schmoochypoos Mon 30-Jan-17 13:38:31

Love Rory and Douglas from your boys choices and girls I don't love any of them but my most favourite is Iris.

DramaAlpaca Mon 30-Jan-17 13:38:43

I like Rory, Ruby and Iris.

I'm not mad on the rest, tbh.

MarilynWhirlwindRocks Mon 30-Jan-17 13:48:48

So I'm guessing you've got Welsh connections!

I like Gwilym, the pronunciation's straightforward, even though others may initially struggle with the spelling (Tough! They can learn).

I like Ruben (I've only ever seen the "Reuben" spelling here; is there any particular reason you prefer the Spanish way?). Again, pronunciation self-explanatory.

I like Rory. Gwilym Rory, perhaps?

Girls-wise, I really like Arianwen. So pretty. And Ari's quite a cute NN. Although it's not that familiar, it's easily pronounced and, actually, the spelling's logical.

Ffion's also nice; I guess your DD would get used to reminding people it's double F! (I never knew it meant "Foxglove" until looking it up just now...every day's a school day smile)

Ruby and Iris are both lovely. Pretty popular, if you're bothered by that sort of thing?

Arianwen Iris gets my vote.

Europa is a name that would definitely attract attention: could really suit a very confident, outgoing, quirky kid (am thinking perfect for budding actor/ singer/ writer) who could 'own' it. The Greek mythology background's interesting.
On the other hand, a less extrovert girl might struggle. The only NN is "Ropey" (and potential for lame Brexit jokes from adults?).

Hope that helps a little...Best of luck for a safe and speedy delivery flowers

willconcern Mon 30-Jan-17 13:51:21

Rory and Iris

newroundhere Mon 30-Jan-17 14:00:52

I have to say I'm not familiar with Gwilym and wouldn't immediately know how to pronounce blush Is it Welsh?

I really like Rory and Arianwen. Europa sounds a bit grandiose and I can't imagine it as a baby name.

minipie Mon 30-Jan-17 14:12:25

I like all your boys' names. Ruben is probably my least favourite but it's ok. Love the others though.

Girls' names - I like Arianwen and Iris. The others are ok, except Europa which sounds like a product rather than a person.

CancellyMcChequeface Mon 30-Jan-17 14:18:19

I like Douglas, Ruby, Arianwen and April. Arianwen is probably my favourite.

I like Reuben but am not keen on the Ruben spelling, sorry! Europa makes me think of either the moon or of Europe. I'm not familiar with Gwilym and wouldn't know how to pronounce it. (That doesn't make it a bad name! But it's less intuitive than the others.)

Pipilangstrumpf Mon 30-Jan-17 15:05:07

Douglas and Iris would be my choices

CakeRattleandRoll Mon 30-Jan-17 15:53:10

I like Douglas and Rory from your boys list.

Love Arianwen and like Iris too from your girls list.

Allalonenow Mon 30-Jan-17 16:07:25

Rory is my favourite from your list, with Reuben a close second.

I like Ruby, but not keen on any of the other names, Iris is very popular just now, I'd only use April if she was actually born in April, and Europa is just trying too hard.

pilates Mon 30-Jan-17 16:14:00

Rory and Ruby

JessieMcJessie Mon 30-Jan-17 16:26:21

Europa sounds like a very deliberate political statement in the a country on the verge of Brexit

reapercrew Mon 30-Jan-17 16:33:08

Europa sounds very much like a hire car provider!!
I'd be going with April or Ruby for a girl both nice names, if it's a boy Rory not because I like but it's the most preferable from your list

JournosAreLazy Mon 30-Jan-17 16:35:33

Ruben - ok but prefer it spelt Reuben.


JournosAreLazy Mon 30-Jan-17 16:38:27

Sorry - posted above before I finished typing! Douglas and Rory are also OK. I really dislike Gwilym.

I like Iris and April is OK too. Dislike the rest of your girls names especially Europa. It's the name of a hotel in Belfast which has the honour of being the most hotel in Europe. Agree with a PP that it also sounds like a car hire company.

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