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Do you like the name Regan?

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kayleighb21 Mon 30-Jan-17 12:24:00

For a little boy? Pronounced Ree-gan?

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 30-Jan-17 12:26:44

Not really but do you because that's the important thing?

SallyGinnamon Mon 30-Jan-17 12:27:13

It's fine. But I'm old so I'd always think of Ronald.

Driffield Mon 30-Jan-17 12:27:29


IateallthePies654 Mon 30-Jan-17 12:28:08


PurpleDaisies Mon 30-Jan-17 12:29:35

No. But I don't think that's here nor there really. Do you and your partner like it? It's a proper name.

NataliaOsipova Mon 30-Jan-17 12:29:58

Isn't it a girl's name? One of King Lear's (nasty) daughters was Regan.

Oscha Mon 30-Jan-17 12:30:13

I would never be able to get past the King Lear reference. She's one of the most villainous characters I've ever come across so that kills it for me!

user1483387154 Mon 30-Jan-17 12:30:20

No, sorry but I do not like it at all

PurpleDaisies Mon 30-Jan-17 12:30:56

It's definitely a boy's name in Wales.

BreezyThursday Mon 30-Jan-17 12:31:46

No, if honest. But I know girls with the name.

2014newme Mon 30-Jan-17 12:32:19

It's a girls name in the USA but more of a lower class one. Like Morgan.

Gallavich Mon 30-Jan-17 12:32:50

No. I think it's pretty ugly and although it's usually used for boys these days I think of the Shakespeare's character.

WatchingFromTheWings Mon 30-Jan-17 12:33:45

Another one making the connection with King Lears daughter! I prefer it as a girls name.

Strokkur Mon 30-Jan-17 12:34:52

Definitely think immediately of King Lear's daughter -- so a girl's name, with a very off-putting association.

babyblabber Mon 30-Jan-17 12:47:30

Defo a girl's name in my head, would be surprised to meet a boy called Regan.

I know one gorgeous little girl called Regan and I'll be honest, often wondered why her parents gave such an ugly name. I think the King Lear character has really tainted it

LaContessaDiPlump Mon 30-Jan-17 12:48:41

She was an avaricious cow in King Lear - sorry, can't get past that!

pinkblink Mon 30-Jan-17 12:55:25

I always thought it was pronounced ray-gan, il go and sit in the corner blush

NarkyMcDinkyChops Mon 30-Jan-17 12:59:09

Nope. It's King Lears daughter, its a girls name. On a boy you would just think of Ronald.

Tattybogle89 Mon 30-Jan-17 13:05:33

I know boys with the name Regan. And a girl called raegan. (pronounced ray-gan) I dont love it but its a proper name and defo used for boys

PurpleDaisies Mon 30-Jan-17 13:08:53

Nope. It's King Lears daughter, its a girls name.

Where are you in the country? There are many boys called Regan in Wales.

TheLivingAsheth Mon 30-Jan-17 13:10:49

I would think of it as a girl's name and I would associate it with head spinny girl in The Exorcist and King Lear's horrible daughter.

GoofyGoobers Mon 30-Jan-17 13:11:08

I know a female Regan. (Ray-gan) I think it's a pretty unisex name.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 30-Jan-17 13:16:08

I like Ray-gan for a girl, but not
Ree-gan for either gender

NarkyMcDinkyChops Mon 30-Jan-17 13:17:53

I'm not in Wales. And to me its a girls name.

But its ugly anyway.

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