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Coallight Mon 30-Jan-17 04:11:18


mathanxiety Mon 30-Jan-17 04:13:19

Very lovely. Reminds me of a wooded glade.

Pluto30 Mon 30-Jan-17 04:13:23

Not a fan.

I prefer just Jessie.

OlennasWimple Mon 30-Jan-17 04:24:20

I'd prefer Jessica or Jasmine, both of which are lovely

CakeRattleandRoll Mon 30-Jan-17 04:46:24

I like it. Prefer Jessamy though.

Gallavich Mon 30-Jan-17 05:32:25

Far too much. Jessamy is a boy's name too.

Raines100 Mon 30-Jan-17 06:32:54

Jessamine is stunning.

HolisticAssassin Mon 30-Jan-17 06:42:58

Sorry it reminds me of Clarkson's nn Jezza

dalmatianmad Mon 30-Jan-17 06:52:50

A mixture of jasmine and Jessica? confused
Sounds like you're trying too hard.....

TheoriginalLEM Mon 30-Jan-17 06:53:04

it looks made up to me.

FunnyBird Mon 30-Jan-17 06:56:50

Beautiful name

LapinR0se Mon 30-Jan-17 06:58:40

Is that even a name?

Lilaclily Mon 30-Jan-17 06:58:59

Also think it looks made up and is a bit try hard sorry

Iris65 Mon 30-Jan-17 07:00:22

I don't like it. Sorry.

Lilaclily Mon 30-Jan-17 07:00:35

I Google it and it's a plant so I guess it's a name , it's also a variant of jasmine according to google

OllyBJolly Mon 30-Jan-17 07:01:20

It's not uncommon as a first name in Scotland, but heard it more often as a surname.

BasinHaircut Mon 30-Jan-17 07:01:47

Woman at work was called this and every morning when I saw her I started singing that song 'when Jesamine goes, a part of me knows, I'm not really living...'


ifigoup Mon 30-Jan-17 07:14:23

Ignore the ignorant people who say it's made up, OP. It's a lovely, underused classic name.

PersisFord Mon 30-Jan-17 07:17:45

Gorgeous name. Very pretty and elegant.

Sophronia Mon 30-Jan-17 13:18:20

I liked it until my DH mentioned it rhymes with 'specimen'. Jessamy is a nice alternative.

Crispbutty Mon 30-Jan-17 13:19:24

I prefer Jess or Jessie

Moo31 Mon 30-Jan-17 13:30:53

I like Jessa

DramaAlpaca Mon 30-Jan-17 13:41:00

I think it's gorgeous.

ChocoChou Mon 30-Jan-17 13:42:33

Could you help me with pronunciation pls?
Is it jessa-meen, jessa-min-ay, jezza-meen?
I like the look of it smile

ScarletBegonia1234 Mon 30-Jan-17 13:44:44

I love jessamy am currently trying to persuade dh on the matter though smile

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