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Jakub or Kacper? Maybe Olaf?

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Josie1988 Thu 26-Jan-17 01:16:40

I know a few Olafs (in Poland) and it's my favourite, but it won't work in the UK, will it? Frozen...

If not, it's between Jakub and Kacper.

Which do you like more? Thanks.

AmeliaJack Thu 26-Jan-17 01:24:36

Jakub is great.

MommaGee Thu 26-Jan-17 01:33:33

How do you pronounce Kacper? With a s sound in the middle? Or a ck sound? I think it could cause a few issues

BuntyFigglesworthSpiffington Thu 26-Jan-17 01:36:05


Josie1988 Thu 26-Jan-17 01:40:35

It would sound like "kachper"

Josie1988 Thu 26-Jan-17 01:43:49

Kind of? It's quite hard to explain (in words) really, but I suppose a bit like "kackper" but not quite, it's a bit like that, but with "kachper"... Not very good at explaining

greatpumpkin Thu 26-Jan-17 01:45:48

I prefer Olaf to either of the others. People who get to know your child will associate the name with him not the frozen snowman, and by the time he's in school Frozen will already be 7 years old.

greatpumpkin Thu 26-Jan-17 01:47:45

I think it's likely to be more annoying for your ds to have to keep explaining how his name is pronounced than to have people constantly mentioning Olaf the snowman.

Could be wrong though!

FastWindow Thu 26-Jan-17 02:00:34

Do you have ties to the country the names come from? Kackper sounds like a recipe for a hard time. I know in fifteen years we will all be multi global but really, I still have a hard time with my name, which is Scandinavian, phonetic and unsurprisingly Christian. And I'm forty plus.

Kackper. Why not go for Kasper/ Kaspar. It will save him a lifetime of explaining 'no, not Kack, kas... Oh forget it'

Josie1988 Thu 26-Jan-17 02:05:39

They would just ask him how it's pronounced smile we are in London and most children just say their name first smile

Really? Olaf is my favourite. If it wouldn't be 'embarrassing' I'd pick it.

Yes, my husband and I are both Polish.

EurusHolmes Thu 26-Jan-17 02:09:57

I prefer Jakub but quite like both.

No to Olaf - frozen has ruined it

FastWindow Thu 26-Jan-17 02:14:09

Then go for Olav, my sovereign, father to my now king Harald. You avoid the Frozen reference by spelling it as it should be. X

MommaGee Thu 26-Jan-17 02:20:02

I like Jakub

lizzieoak Thu 26-Jan-17 02:56:23

I think spelling Jacob as people are used to would save your son a lifetime of annoyance. Olav/Olaf is okay, hard to picture for me on a baby, but an okay name. Kaspar or Caspar, sure, Kachpar (?) - No!!

Josie1988 Thu 26-Jan-17 02:57:43

Since when was Olav the original? I've only come across Olafs in Poland.

Josie1988 Thu 26-Jan-17 02:59:19

We would go with the Polish variation, so Jacob/Casper/Caspar/Kasper/Kaspar are all out.

FastWindow Thu 26-Jan-17 03:02:44

Only trying to help. Do want you want?

FastWindow Thu 26-Jan-17 03:05:43

Do *what you want. Olav was our king, thought it might be worth a try if you wanted a variation - there are other countries, you know.


Josie1988 Thu 26-Jan-17 03:17:14

I was only wondering confused

FastWindow Thu 26-Jan-17 03:24:57

josie I always end up saying on baby name threads- your baby, name the child as you love.

But have a heart for the poor teacher trying to call your child out. And if you are going to live in a country where Kackper has to spell/sound out his name for the next 70 years, then take a leaf out of my book.

Casz Thu 26-Jan-17 03:55:19

If you live in a part of the country with a large Polish community, you will find most teachers will be able to pronounce your child's name correctly.

However, if you go for Kacper, you and your child will have to keep spelling it out as there are so many possible variations - C or K, c or s, a or e. Why not use it as a middle name if you are really fond of it?

lizzieoak Thu 26-Jan-17 04:26:29

Is it just in North America that kak is sometimes a word for poo? Nicknames can be a minefield, so I can see kids seeing Kacper (sorry,
Can't scroll down nor remember how to spell this) & thinking of poop. But perhaps not in Britain?

Fluffybrain Thu 26-Jan-17 04:39:35

Like all those names. Olaf the snowman is brilliant anyway! I have a son with a 'foreign' name that is not spelt how it is said. I wanted the original spelling. It does not bother me that people ask how to say it. I like telling them where the name originates and the meaning. He likes his name.

Wallywobbles Thu 26-Jan-17 04:42:19

In France Kacper would lead to a whole lifetime of misery.

I do think you need to give a thought to the country you are actually going to live in not just to where you are from.

ExpectoPatronummmm Thu 26-Jan-17 07:26:36

All of those names are so harsh sounding and not nice to say

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