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are the initials VJ bad?

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namesstress2323 Fri 13-Jan-17 22:18:37

worried it will be teased as vagina / vjayjay, or is it okay? (with for a girl)

Buntysoven Fri 13-Jan-17 23:27:39

My best friend was VD at school and got teased rotten but I think VJ is ok.

Trills Fri 13-Jan-17 23:32:53

No, VJ doesn't mean anything

BigGreenOlives Fri 13-Jan-17 23:33:55

Victory in Japan?

MarilynWhirlwindRocks Sat 14-Jan-17 06:39:47

VJ: fine.

VJJ: not fine.

(Side issue...BJ: definite no-no. Knew one poor teenage girl whose school/ college years were one long round of cruel nicknames).

And any adults even remotely aware of sports would instantly think of Vijay Singh, rather than female genitals!

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sat 14-Jan-17 10:30:37

I wouldn't, sorry OP.

JournosAreLazy Sat 14-Jan-17 14:52:57

VJ is fine in my opinion and I honestly wouldn't have made the connection with vagina.

As a PP said VJJ is a step too far.

Stonewash Sat 14-Jan-17 21:21:52

Be careful about the first letter of the middle name. Some of the vowels wouldn't be a good idea.

UterusUterusGhali Sat 14-Jan-17 23:39:51

Vijay is a proper name, so it sounds fine to me.

namesstress2323 Sun 15-Jan-17 12:14:59

thanks im not 100% sure about it yet. choosing names is so hard !

Joeybee Mon 23-Jan-17 09:05:10

I don't think VJ would be associated with Vagina tbh.

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