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Help us name two day old DS?

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BonesyBones Fri 13-Jan-17 08:25:23

He's gorgeous but none of the names we liked seem to fit him. Middle name is Strachan.

BonesyBones Fri 13-Jan-17 08:27:29

He has loads of thick dark hair, and a really round chubby face.

FrankAndBeans Fri 13-Jan-17 08:29:28

I have no suggestions but he is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations flowers

Pluto30 Fri 13-Jan-17 08:32:46

He's super gorgeous. Congrats. smile

Do you have any criteria? Do you care about popularity? Any particular origin of name you're after? Might be able to give you some ideas then.

PostTruthEra Fri 13-Jan-17 08:37:39

Robin, Francis, Rowan, Joseph or Jophiel.

He's lovely! Congratulations. flowers

BonesyBones Fri 13-Jan-17 08:40:58

Not too fussed about popularity or origins. We had picked out Caleb and Elliot, but now he's here they just don't feel right. We're in Scotland and ds1 and ds2 both have relatively common names. Top 50 for their birth years, both rose to top ten names the following years.

Pluto30 Fri 13-Jan-17 08:47:16

I think he suits Caleb of the two you've picked.

But I thought he looked like a Reuben when I saw him.

Or an Edward. smile

KatnissMellark Fri 13-Jan-17 08:52:45

Oooh, Rowan is nice. I thought he looked like a Gordon but then read middle name Strachan grin

Congrats, he is gorgeous!

ImYourMama Fri 13-Jan-17 09:03:04




He's stunning!

MiniMaxi Fri 13-Jan-17 09:24:00

My first thought was Alexander

Gorgeous, congrats!

Horseshoe1 Fri 13-Jan-17 09:24:04

I'd say Caleb suits him but how about...
Jacob / Jake

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 13-Jan-17 09:25:15


Patienceisvirtuous Fri 13-Jan-17 09:26:19


WankersHacksandThieves Fri 13-Jan-17 09:26:29

I meant to add that Keir means dark so is very fitting.

JournosAreLazy Fri 13-Jan-17 09:27:46

Congrats - he's a little cutie.

What about:


I think Caleb suits him though smile

Chelazla Fri 13-Jan-17 09:27:56

I lovvvvve Elliot. Super cute bubba by the way!

Marlboroandmalbec34 Fri 13-Jan-17 09:28:40

Reuben! He is lovely congrats

PinkBunnyOnesieOnOrder Fri 13-Jan-17 09:31:21

Congratulations 💐 He is gorgeous xx

I think Caleb is a great name.

Personally, I don't think newborns suit any real name, they seem far too small for such a big thing! Still more suited to peanut/bean/button etc which aren't exactly 'Lawyer' names 😬

He will have it for life, no huge hurry to decide, if others are pressing for a name tell them to STFU be patient & you'll let them know when you've decided.

I can just about smell him from here...mmmmm

TurboTheChicken Fri 13-Jan-17 09:31:31

Rory, Rufus or Digory.

Joinourclub Fri 13-Jan-17 09:31:50


Anyhoooo Fri 13-Jan-17 09:32:56

I came to say Elliott! He's totally gorgeous, enjoy him whatever name you choose.

UnderTheGaydar Fri 13-Jan-17 09:36:38


He's a beaut!

Forkrightorf Fri 13-Jan-17 09:47:20

That child is clearly a Max smile
Elliot is lovely too, why have you gone off of it?
He is absolutely beautiful, congratulations flowers

MollyHuaCha Fri 13-Jan-17 09:50:28

Beautiful baby. I think he could be a...


Enjoy him!

TheresAlwaysTimeForTea Fri 13-Jan-17 09:52:52

I love Caleb. That's on our list. I think Reuben is great too. Congrats OP! He's a beauty!

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