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help!! baby girl needs a name!

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user1483906389 Sun 08-Jan-17 20:51:35

Hi, I'm due a baby girl any day now but really struggling with names. I have a daughter called Lucy and want a traditional name that goes well with this. I would like opinions on the names - Sophie and Amy.
Sophie - too popular?
Amy - too plain?
New name suggestions welcome too please.

Thank you.

solittletime Sun 08-Jan-17 20:53:23

What about Alice?
Just throwing it in!
You'll get a better idea what suits when you see her.

Katkin14 Sun 08-Jan-17 20:53:33

Sophie and Amy are both lovely. I think Amy's due a comeback. Sophie never really went away.

How about Elizabeth? Classic and lots of lovely nickname options.

MyCatLikesToSitInBoxes Sun 08-Jan-17 20:54:40

Sophie and Amy are both lovely. Another one which comes to mind which you might like is Clara.

BangBelly Sun 08-Jan-17 20:56:01

Sophia is nicer than Sophie, I think.

Amy is nice.

Lucy and...


Rainbowqueeen Sun 08-Jan-17 20:56:08

Love your suggestions and those of PPs. I don't think Amy is a plain name at all.

Also want to throw Anna and Emma into the mix as options.
Congratulations on your LO!

Moonshine86 Sun 08-Jan-17 20:56:09



MerryMarigold Sun 08-Jan-17 20:56:34

Personally I really dislike Amy. I just find it very twee and nasal, not sure why. Also sounds bad with Lucy - too many 'ees' going on.

I like lots of other traditional names (though wouldn't choose myself) like Charlotte, Emma, Juliet, Mary.

I quite like Sophie and don't actually know that many little ones, though lots my age (born in 70s).

dontpokethebear Sun 08-Jan-17 20:56:43

I think Alice too! Lucy and Alice sounds very sweet.

MerryMarigold Sun 08-Jan-17 20:56:58

Oops, not Mary with Lucy - though it is a classic.

Mrsjudelaw66 Sun 08-Jan-17 20:57:20


user1483906389 Sun 08-Jan-17 21:11:28

Thank you everyone. It's so nice to hear opinions from other people. Some of them names were on our shortlist - think I will put them back in 😊 Does Alice sound too posh with Lucy?

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Sun 08-Jan-17 21:15:54

Another vote for Alice & Lucy

Classy rather than posh IMO

Sophronia Sun 08-Jan-17 21:57:44

I like Lucy and Sophie

empirerecordsrocked Sun 08-Jan-17 22:00:41

Outing myself but I have an Alice amd Sophie and I'm an Emily, great names!!

SoftSheen Sun 08-Jan-17 22:01:02

Alice is lovely.

Have you considered Harriet?

1horatio Sun 08-Jan-17 22:27:19

Alice and Lucy is lovely.

I do secon Harriet. Or maybe Emma? Or Anne?

Purplebluebird Sun 08-Jan-17 22:31:13

I love Amy! Sophia is also nice smile

dotdotdotmustdash Sun 08-Jan-17 22:32:17

Hannah, Sara or Leah would be my picks.

BellMcEnd Sun 08-Jan-17 22:34:56


I love the name Lucy - was on my list but I had boys!

AbernathysFringe Sun 08-Jan-17 22:35:12

Lucy and Esme
Lucy and Ellen
Lucy and Cara
Lucy and Jessica

BellMcEnd Sun 08-Jan-17 22:35:40

(I also think Alice sounds great with Lucy smile)

AlwaysTeaTime Sun 08-Jan-17 22:49:31

Alice and Lucy is beautiful!

Yika Sun 08-Jan-17 22:58:17

Sophie and Amy are both lovely names. What about Sarah, Sara, Nina, Catherine?

Or Miranda, Elise, Natalia, Eve, Isabel?

nuttyknitter Sun 08-Jan-17 23:06:45

I've always loved the name Alice but can't get past the association with the remastered Smokie track 'Who the Fuck is Alice'.

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