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Girl: Talia

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OnNaturesCourse Sun 08-Jan-17 19:01:51

What's your thoughts?

We are still TTC but have a deal that if lucky I pick a boys name DP picks the girl

I used to like it but now we are actually TTC I've gone completely off it lol.

ineedamoreadultieradult Sun 08-Jan-17 19:05:09

Is it pronounced Tar-lia or Ta-lia?

OnNaturesCourse Sun 08-Jan-17 19:05:52

ta-lia (Lee Ah)

MollyHuaCha Sun 08-Jan-17 19:06:51

Not that keen.

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sun 08-Jan-17 19:07:13

I have a cousin Talia. Gorgeous name.

Ilovecaindingle Sun 08-Jan-17 19:07:44

Natalia is nicer.

Trills Sun 08-Jan-17 19:07:56

I like it.

I would spell the two pronunciation options as

And if I saw the name I would assume it was tah-lia.

OhHolyJesus Sun 08-Jan-17 19:07:59

Have loved this name for a long time, a nick name for my friend. It's unusual but not weird enough to be a cause for bullying/poss taking. Also I think it sounds nice with lots of surnames so when/of she gets married and takes another surname for example. smile

321zerobaby Sun 08-Jan-17 19:08:37

I really like it, unusual but not daft. I know a Natalia, but think I prefer Talia.

OnNaturesCourse Sun 08-Jan-17 19:13:53

I'm definitely not keen on Natalia confused

My favourite girls name is Rosalie

coldcanary Sun 08-Jan-17 19:15:37

It's a lovely name!
Rose would be a nice middle name if you were going for one.

Freeatlast2017 Sun 08-Jan-17 19:17:54

I think it's really lovely. I only know one aged 13.

MrsExpo Sun 08-Jan-17 19:18:51

I have Greek friend called Thalia (with an h) pronounced with a hard T not a th sound. Lovely name and she's a lovely person. Gfi ...

divinemintthins Sun 08-Jan-17 19:20:50

It was my second choice and I think it is lovely - was going to use Thalia spelling.

divinemintthins Sun 08-Jan-17 19:22:48

X post with Mrs. I prefer the Greek spelling. I think Talia is Hebrew.

Trills Sun 08-Jan-17 19:25:56

Isn't Talia the original name of Sleeping Beauty?

OnNaturesCourse Sun 08-Jan-17 19:32:23

ooo thrills I'm not sure... that could sway me however!

Sophronia Sun 08-Jan-17 19:38:51

I like it, prefer Thalia pronounced the same way though

BetweenTwoLungs Sun 08-Jan-17 19:41:42

I taught one a while ago, I quite liked it.

Pluto30 Sun 08-Jan-17 19:46:15

I was bullied by a girl named Tahlia (this spelling), so I have an irrational dislike for it.

I know a little girl named just Tahli and I like that more.

ferriswheel Sun 08-Jan-17 19:47:58

I know a really lovely Thalia.

TobleroneBoo Sun 08-Jan-17 19:51:23

I love it ( biased) but most people will
Say Tarlia

ineedamoreadultieradult Sun 08-Jan-17 19:53:37

I prefer the Thaila spelling.

JenTeale Sun 08-Jan-17 19:53:44

I know a Tahlia, I think it's a Hebrew name - she's Jewish and the rest of the family have Hebrew names, I could be wrong though.

It's lovely. Unusual but not self-consciously so.

sweetkitty Sun 08-Jan-17 19:56:54

Love it but then again I should as it's my DD2s name. She really suits it as she's quite an unusual girl.

We pronounce it Tah-LEE-ah she gets annoyed when people call her Taylar or worse still Italia, she gets lots of lovely positive comments about it too.

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