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Spanish Boys' Names... Desperate!

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SpanishNames Sat 07-Jan-17 04:24:06

I'm Spanish... DH is German... We are living in the UK (and this is where our son will be brought up) smile we want the forename to be Spanish (surname is German) and our favourite is Diego. Thank you!

donajimena Sat 07-Jan-17 04:30:52

If you like Diego why don't you use it?
David is another one that works in Spanish and English.

lazydog Sat 07-Jan-17 04:48:43

I know both a Spanish and a German "Hugo"..?

SeamusMacDubh Sat 07-Jan-17 05:44:12

Alejandro, Juanito, Juan, Matiás, Sebastián, Santiago, Mateo, Nicholás, Miguel, Angel, Jesus.

EvaSthlm Sat 07-Jan-17 05:52:21

Why not give him an additional name, like Nicholás (as suggested) - that's English enough I presume. He can use that if there were ever to be an issue of him not wanting to use his first name for example in the workplace. I had a colleague whose first name was Päivi (girl's name) but who used her middle name - a very international Christian name and easy to pronounce - when she worked in a position with lots of client relations, like a call centre (except it wasn't but sort of similar situation).

NotQuiteWithItAtAll Sat 07-Jan-17 06:07:32


Nataleejah Sat 07-Jan-17 07:45:10

Adrian would be very universal

Diffdaff Sun 08-Jan-17 01:12:26


SunshineAllTheWhile Sun 08-Jan-17 01:13:05


Earlgreywithmilk Sun 08-Jan-17 01:15:26

I love Raffael. Is that even Spanish?

AutumnalLeaves38 Sun 08-Jan-17 05:47:49


Millionsmom Sun 08-Jan-17 05:53:42

James- pronounced Hi me in Spanish.


lovelearning Sun 08-Jan-17 06:27:29


His name is Diego

Evergreen17 Sun 08-Jan-17 06:35:24

Dont don't do Héctor or Hugo or you know it will be pronounced different by Spanish people
Diego is fine why dont you use it?
Nicolás, Nico is good
Stay away from the ones starting with J as you will have the same problem as with the H

DH is English and I am Spanish and struggling a bit too, but we want an English name that will be pronounced the same in Spain...

Raines100 Sun 08-Jan-17 06:54:35

Love Diego.

MiniMaxi Sun 08-Jan-17 08:16:16

If you like Diego, go for it!

My personal fave is Esteban (but that might be because of the gorgeous Spanish exchange guy from 20 years ago grin)

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Sun 08-Jan-17 10:07:56

Diego sounds fine.

I was going to suggest Mateo (see it's been mentioned already) or Alvaro.

1horatio Sun 08-Jan-17 10:28:44

Raúl? I really like the name Raoul and I think it could work in the U.K...

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