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Juliet or Imogen?

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Billynoname Tue 03-Jan-17 19:53:19

So I thought we had settled on Juliet Elizabeth but DH has tonight declared that he prefers Imogen. Thoughts? Juliet or Imogen? Thanks x

Jojay Tue 03-Jan-17 19:53:58

Juliet - beautiful.

DOTLEYtheONEeyedDINO Tue 03-Jan-17 19:54:48

Both are lovely! Think I prefer Imogen though.

Loyly Tue 03-Jan-17 19:55:12


ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 03-Jan-17 19:56:11


EmmaC78 Tue 03-Jan-17 19:57:21

I like both but prefer Juliet.

CarrotCakeMuffins Tue 03-Jan-17 19:58:15

Juliet here too. Imogen is a bit more popular I think but not overly so.

reuset Tue 03-Jan-17 20:06:33


Redpramlady Tue 03-Jan-17 20:11:14


Both lovely though!

auntym Tue 03-Jan-17 20:12:18


crumble82 Tue 03-Jan-17 20:14:14

Do you prefer Jules/Julie or Immy as a nickname because chances are that is what she will become. They're both beautiful names though, you can't go wrong.

Nonameyet1 Tue 03-Jan-17 20:19:08

Juliet is less popular but gorgeous. Imogen is also nice but popular. I'd go for Juliet.

marmitecrumpets Tue 03-Jan-17 20:19:27


cherrycrumblecustard Tue 03-Jan-17 20:20:01

Juliet. I love both though.

goodbyestranger Tue 03-Jan-17 20:20:06

My DD Juliet is Juliet definitely not Jules/ Julie (she's 24) and DS2's girlfriend (21) is Imogen not Immy.

Imogen is lovely but I still prefer Juliet.

FinnegansCake Tue 03-Jan-17 20:50:48

Juliet! It's a beautiful name. I'm not keen on Imogen, it doesn't sound pretty and I've never met one that I like .

Pluto30 Tue 03-Jan-17 21:06:17

Prefer Juliet as a full name, but prefer Immy as a nickname. No help, I know.

I don't think either will inevitably be shortened though, so I'd still vote for Juliet.

Sophronia Tue 03-Jan-17 21:29:27


toptomatoes Tue 03-Jan-17 21:30:06


HainaultViaNewburyPark Tue 03-Jan-17 21:32:29


The potential NN 'Immy' really puts me off Imogen (although I like both 'Ginny' and 'Jenny').

DramaAlpaca Tue 03-Jan-17 21:32:41

Juliet, as long as it's pronounced with the stress on the first syllable, ie not like Juliette.

If you'd be pronouncing it like Juliette I prefer Imogen.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Tue 03-Jan-17 22:07:51


talkshowhost97 Tue 03-Jan-17 22:08:37

Juliet much nicer than Imogen.

However I think the exact opposite of dramaalpaca and prefer the French pronunciation with a soft J and emphasis on 'et' as though it were Juliette.

Noregretsatall Tue 03-Jan-17 22:10:16

Imogen but then I'm biased.wink

Raines100 Tue 03-Jan-17 22:14:28


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