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Blossom or Lyra?

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MilkybarMars Tue 03-Jan-17 10:25:32

We have liked both names for a while... Lyra from the Pullman books and Blossom from a song we both like. Now not sure what to do as this is baby number 4 and definitely the last!

Do you know any Blossom's or Lyra's? Do you think they are popular names? Advice on them appreciated. Thanks!

GeillisTheWitch Tue 03-Jan-17 10:26:56

I don't know any of either but much prefer Lyra.

Beebeeeight Tue 03-Jan-17 10:27:24


Love that name from the tv show

pizzaparty Tue 03-Jan-17 10:27:49

I think blossom is beautiful. Easy to say and spell, conjures up nice images of flowers and spring. Not as keen on Lyra but I think Lara is a lovely name.

user1477282676 Tue 03-Jan-17 10:28:00

I like both but think Lyra is far more elegant. Blossom is a bit fancy and she'll get called "Bloss" which is a bit ugly.

1horatio Tue 03-Jan-17 10:36:12


It's a bit more international than Blossom. And Blossom is really cutesy imo.

Dayna1 Tue 03-Jan-17 12:13:26

I think Blossom is a bit childish, which is fine until the moment the child grows up. Lyra is elegant sounding and in my opinion a better one.

Glitterous Tue 03-Jan-17 12:38:40

Neither are popular.

I agree Lyra of more elegant. Lyra Blossom is pretty

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 03-Jan-17 12:50:21

I like Lyra.

Purplebluebird Tue 03-Jan-17 13:00:40

I love Lyra smile Lyra Blossom would be nice.

IAmNotTheOneWhoKnocks Tue 03-Jan-17 13:00:51

Blossom is yuck. So Lyra by default.

Loyly Tue 03-Jan-17 13:02:38


oldbirdy Tue 03-Jan-17 13:04:06

Blossom for some reason makes me think of Bosoms and cows. So Lyra.

HairsprayBabe Tue 03-Jan-17 13:06:58

We have a rabbit called Blossom and I know a cat called Lyra.
For people names I prefer Lyra, Blossom is not a person name in my book. They are both pretty though.

AmberEars Tue 03-Jan-17 13:07:33

I don't know anyone with either of these names. I prefer Lyra.

AmeliaJack Tue 03-Jan-17 13:08:12


Sophronia Tue 03-Jan-17 15:27:21

Lyra. I don't think Blossom would suit an adult woman.

ScarletSienna Tue 03-Jan-17 15:32:11

I know one Lyra but no Blossoms. I think Blossom is a heavy and cumbersome name. Lyra is lovely.

newroundhere Tue 03-Jan-17 15:35:23

Lyra. Blossom is a My Little Pony. One of the old ones grin

MoreBushThanMoss Tue 03-Jan-17 15:36:29

Lyra was on my list.... Then found out she was a he .... Definitely go with Lyra- it's beautiful

Damselindestress Tue 03-Jan-17 16:03:40

I love Lyra. Would associate Blossom with a farm animal more than a person, sorry.

1horatio Tue 03-Jan-17 16:51:04

I admittedly needed a quick google search to find it (blossom + cow ), but there may be a reason why some think Blossom is the name of a farm animal. Idk...

AmyInTheBoonies Tue 03-Jan-17 16:54:17

I really love Blossom - it does remind me of the old TV programme but that is in a positive way and will only be relevant to the 80's generation.

I wish I'd thought of it for dd. I also like Meadow too.

DramaAlpaca Tue 03-Jan-17 16:57:22

Lyra is beautiful.

Blossom is not.

Boeufsurletoit Tue 03-Jan-17 16:58:46

Lyra is beautiful. A constellation as well!

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