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Names for twins that go with...

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Mimi333 Sat 31-Dec-16 20:41:47

This is a bit of a tall order as not planning on finding out the sexes....but I'm totally stuck for twin names to go with my DS name Henry. I feel they should be traditional like his. If anyone has any bright ideas (of 3 possible combinations!) I'd love some input. My OH is one of those ones who says 'we'll know when they arrive' & won't discuss it, but I feel with 2 we should at least have some ideas...

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sat 31-Dec-16 21:08:50

Arthur and Alexander
George and Oliver.
Ben and Tom
James and Francis
Florence and Anabelle
Jennifer and Catherine
Maria and Lucy
Sarah and Kate
William and Rosa
Louis and Anna
Elliot and Emily
Charles and Helena

Mimi333 Sat 31-Dec-16 21:36:59

Wow! Thanks so much! Loads of those I hadn't even thought of so really helpful, thank you!!

Glitterous Sat 31-Dec-16 23:03:05

Jonathan and Arabella
Jonathan and Marcus
Arabella and Eloise

Soubriquet Sat 31-Dec-16 23:08:30

I quite like Violet with Henry

So Henry, Violet and...Arthur

IpDipCatnip Sat 31-Dec-16 23:21:32

Oliver/Thomas or William

Charlotte/Victoria or Elizabeth

Yoarchie Sat 31-Dec-16 23:28:23

Matilda and Emily
Ruth and Elizabeth
Matthew and Joseph
Matthew and Hannah
Alexander and Joshua
Lucy and Alexandra
Catherine and Anna (I know twins called these names)

Badgoushk Sat 31-Dec-16 23:28:39

Arthur and Albert (Bertie)
Arthur and Amelia
Amelia and Aurora

NappingRabbit Sun 01-Jan-17 00:32:44

William and Oliver
James and Alexander
Max and George
Joseph and Arthur

Sophie and Emily
Rose and Olivia
Emma and Charlotte
Ava and Lucy

James and Charlotte
William and Lucy
Oliver and Sophie
Alexander and Rose
George and Emily

lozengeoflove Sun 01-Jan-17 03:30:35

Edward and George
Catherine and Elizabeth
Mary and James

Any royal name combos would work a treat smile

Littleballerina Sun 01-Jan-17 03:34:51

George and Esme
Thomas and James
Tabitha and Emily

CocoLoco87 Sun 01-Jan-17 04:05:11

Henry, George and Sophie
Henry, Edward and Olivia
Henry, Thomas and Florence
Henry, Charlotte and Beatrix
Henry, Rupert and Nathaniel

Raines100 Sun 01-Jan-17 07:48:38

Theodore & Samuel
Tristan & Oscar
Benjamin & Dominic
Leo & Toby
Wilfred & Arthur
Zachary & Daniel

Isabel & Alice
Clara & Eleanor
Tabitha & Tess
Jessica & Annabel
Louisa & Grace
Rebecca & Juliet

Zoflorabore Sun 01-Jan-17 07:58:22

I know twins Joe and Leo, with siblings with classic names.

I have 2dc both named on this thread.

You need to work out 3 possible scenarios obviously, boy/boy girl/girl and boy/girl, that is really quite difficult actually so i definitely would be starting now.
What are your favourite names so far op?
And massive congratulationssmile

Zoflorabore Sun 01-Jan-17 08:01:29

I love the name Oscar but seeing as we're done with babies it's now dd's favourite teddy's name!

With all of the twins I've known, the names tend to be similar in length and the one set of twins I know who have a really short name and a really long name don't seem to flow as much.

Mimi333 Sun 01-Jan-17 08:13:03

Thank you for the congrats! & thanks everyone for the input, loads of lovely ideas!

I love Henry, George & Sophie but we each have an ex called George & Sophie! It doesn't put me off though tbh.
I like Tristan & Oscar but OH won't. I love Leo & Theo (not together!) but OH doesn't.

Rose (sisters name) & Elizabeth (OH family name) will definitely be the middle names.
& James & Alexander middle names if boys (my brothers names).

Interesting that Aurora & Arabella have been mentioned, have always loved them but wondered if they were a bit out there.

Arthur & Albert would be so cute smile

Going to read these all out to my OH now, see if any catch his fancy (he says no to everything I suggest...)

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sun 01-Jan-17 10:42:34

Henry, George and Francis
Henry, George and Adeline
Henry Adeline and Harriet

Pogolphin Sun 01-Jan-17 10:45:21

Henry, Alice and Emma

Mimi333 Sun 01-Jan-17 18:53:13

Thank you smilesmilesmile

BendydickCuminsnatch Mon 02-Jan-17 12:29:54

If you like Aurora and Arabella, what about Ariella? I know a few.

IMO, not Henry and Harriet as Harriet comes from Henrietta.

Henry, George and Oscar
Henry, Ariella and Carina
Henry, Oscar and Ariella

Mimi333 Mon 02-Jan-17 17:02:28

Love all of those! Only worry with those A names is that they'll have a lifetime struggle of spelling it but I suppose there can't be too many interpretations of Ariella. That's really beautiful. Think OH would go George but I like oscar & George. Really like Ariella though

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