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Ralph or Hamish?

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Mclaren37 Sat 31-Dec-16 06:24:36

Which one do you prefer Ralph or Hamish? To go with sister Margot. I love both these names. (Rightly or wrongly I really do want the sibling names to sound nice when said together). We are 50/50 English/Scottish.
Any other suggestions also appreciated!

HeddaGabbler Sat 31-Dec-16 06:25:59

They are both lovely names! Like them both which is no help!

celtiethree Sat 31-Dec-16 06:34:37

Hamish though I'd prefer to use Seamus. Not keen on Ralph.

BikeRunSki Sat 31-Dec-16 06:35:54

I don't like Ralph at all.

ninenicknames Sat 31-Dec-16 06:36:41

Ralph! 💙

flipsahoy Sat 31-Dec-16 06:39:39


Ralph always reminds me of the penis in Judy Blume's book 'Forever' blush

jenniuol Sat 31-Dec-16 06:40:40


jenniuol Sat 31-Dec-16 06:41:13

I actually meant hamish 😳

Toomanycats99 Sat 31-Dec-16 06:55:54

Flips - that was my first thought too!

RueDeDay Sat 31-Dec-16 07:10:14

Hamish, without question.

Aftertheraincomesthesun Sat 31-Dec-16 07:11:20

Both beautiful

TheLegendOfBeans Sat 31-Dec-16 07:27:38


Eminybob Sat 31-Dec-16 07:44:19

My nephew is a Ralph and he suits it to a tee. So cute.

Hamish is top of the list if dc2 is a boy so love it.

Either are great. (Sorry, no help at all there)

indecisivedoctor Sat 31-Dec-16 08:00:07

I think Hamish does go best with Margot.. I like Ralph but for me will "Always" have the Judy B association!

bumblingmum Sat 31-Dec-16 08:06:08

Ralph was on my list if I had a boy (I didn't) but think Hamish goes best with Margot (love Margot btw!)

Cosmicglitterpug Sat 31-Dec-16 08:13:01

Hamish sounds great with Margot.

HawaiianPartyBunker Sat 31-Dec-16 08:18:41

Hamish, or as a PP said, Seamus - even better. I love Silas too.

Ralph just sounds ugly. I have a Raphael and it fucks me off no end when people mishear 'Raph' as 'Ralph'.

Hellofromtheotherside16 Sat 31-Dec-16 08:22:06

Hamish. Definitely not Ralph. Too old-fashioned. I know one in his 70s and one in his 50s.

Hellofromtheotherside16 Sat 31-Dec-16 08:22:36

Plus Ralph is that throwing up noise isn't it?

1horatio Sat 31-Dec-16 08:24:26

I like both! smile

Fadingmemory Sat 31-Dec-16 08:27:01

Hamish! Much nicer. Would the other be pronounced Rayf or Ralf? Your son would be forever explaining.

summerblonde Sat 31-Dec-16 08:29:48


FreddoFrog Sat 31-Dec-16 08:30:30


Nonameyet1 Sat 31-Dec-16 08:46:25


SaltedCaramelEverything Sat 31-Dec-16 09:07:06


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