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Middle name for Annie .....

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user1480889090 Wed 28-Dec-16 12:57:37

Decided on Annie for a girl ( would use this as full name). Not sure re middle names ... suggestions please. We were thinking Victoria or Catherine.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Wed 28-Dec-16 13:00:27

Annie Charlotte
Annie Violet
Annie Josephine
Annie Louisa

SVJAA Wed 28-Dec-16 13:01:39

Our Annie is an Ann, middle names Elizabeth Jane.

PotteringAlong Wed 28-Dec-16 13:01:47

Annie Elizabeth
Annie Louisa

Awwlookatmybabyspider Wed 28-Dec-16 13:22:19

Annie Rose
Annie Jane
Annie Kate
Annie Grace
Annie Paige
Annie Mai
Annie Sophia
Annie Robyn

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 28-Dec-16 13:24:57


MikeUniformMike Wed 28-Dec-16 13:50:50

Annie Getyourgun.

MikeUniformMike Wed 28-Dec-16 14:06:50

Annie Victoria/Catherine/Elizabeth are good. Depends on the surname.
I also like Annie Grace.

mamabeak Wed 28-Dec-16 14:12:09

I would firstly name her officially Anne or Ann (and just always call her Annie); she might spend the rest of her life explaining she is not Anne otherwise/want a less diminutive name for some scensarios.

I like AnnIe Claire/Anne Claire, Annie Louise/Anne Louise, Annie Genevieve/Anne Genevieve, Annie Vivika/Anne Vivika (Viveca is another spelling - Swedish name), Annie Lovisa/Anne Lovisa (Swedish for Louise) and Annie Evangeline/Anne Evangeline.

SecretWitch Wed 28-Dec-16 14:15:29

Annie Laurie ( read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn too many times)

I love the name Annie. My grandmother was Annie Kathryn.

Backhometothenorth Wed 28-Dec-16 14:23:08

My daughter is Annie Florence

BagelDog Wed 28-Dec-16 14:27:49

Annie Rose or Annie Rosalind/Rosamund but I am an utter Shirley Hughes fan.

ImNotReallyReal Wed 28-Dec-16 14:52:44

Hannigan? Sandy? Warbucks?

I can take the piss as my given first name is Annie and I bloody hate it. And I'm flipping curly haired and ginger to boot. Great combo 😟

Use Anne and shorten it please. I beg you. Annie is not a grown up name, sorry.

If you can't, please use Anna is it's far prettier. Anna Maria/e Anna Louisa/e work far better. Sorry I'm so biased but I hate it, Annie the fanny, Annie the granny, Orphan Annie, Annie get your gun. Jeez all my school years.

I changed my name by deed poll to Anne Xxxxx. Bliss. I refuse to answer to Annie.

Sophronia Wed 28-Dec-16 17:38:59

Annie Victoria and Annie Catherine are lovely

Annie Beatrice
Annie Charlotte
Annie Eliza
Annie Florence
Annie Georgina
Annie Genevieve
Annie Harriet
Annie Isabelle
Annie Josephine
Annie Jane
Annie Juliet
Annie Jessica
Annie Jennifer
Annie Katherine
Annie Louisa
Annie Lucinda
Annie Matilda
Annie Margot
Annie Margaret
Annie Olivia
Annie Rebecca
Annie Ruth
Annie Tabitha
Annie Violet
Annie Vivienne
Annie Willow

Buntysoven Thu 29-Dec-16 01:01:52

Annie Claire? An dont do that! For some bizarre reason I thought Annie Magnolia. Annie is cool btw. Didnt do the mighty Lennox any harm.

soupmaker Thu 29-Dec-16 01:31:37

Great name choice. My DGM was Annie. We have one too. Her middle name is Rose. I only found out about Shirley Hughes booms after she was named! She loves the movie and had also been to see the musical!

WyfOfBathe Thu 29-Dec-16 01:49:28

Annie May
Annie Madeleine
Annie Caroline/Carolina
Annie Josephine

SpecialFlowSnake Thu 29-Dec-16 02:10:16

Another Shirley Hughes fan here voting for Annie Rose!

Puremince Thu 29-Dec-16 16:57:23

My great aunt was Annie Victoria. I've always loved that combination.

septembersunshine Fri 30-Dec-16 20:00:47

Annabel nn Annie? Both very pretty. I have a huge soft spot for Annabel!. Anne is my middle name and it sounds plain and formal to me. I love Annie Rose or Annie Matilda..Annie Eliza?

septembersunshine Fri 30-Dec-16 20:01:55

Ps..Annie on it's own is lovely too! Very lovely name and she can always be an Ann in later life if she wants...

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