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Brodie or Hayden?

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TurquoiseLeaves Tue 27-Dec-16 13:53:38

I've seen these names mentioned quite a few times (on here) but I still absolutely adore them.

Which one should we go for: Brodie or Hayden? smile

MikeUniformMike Tue 27-Dec-16 15:33:38

Is it for a boy or a girl? Don't like either of them.

SorenaJ Tue 27-Dec-16 15:44:04


Nospringflower Tue 27-Dec-16 15:50:46


Scabetty Tue 27-Dec-16 15:53:33

I like Hayden but not Brodie. Taught boys with both names so perhaps influenced by the memories.

Sophronia Tue 27-Dec-16 15:54:12

Not overly keen on either, but Brodie if I had to choose.

Lweji Tue 27-Dec-16 15:56:33

I'm ok with both, but probably Brodie (on account of Homeland Security) and not Hayden (on account of Anakin Skywalker).

Gallavich Tue 27-Dec-16 16:01:27

Neither, they are both fugly

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