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Help me decide: favourite and least favourite?

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user1481928478 Fri 16-Dec-16 23:04:50

Baby girl is here, our current list is:
We think Emily might be our favourite? But don't really know.

Somerville Fri 16-Dec-16 23:07:29

That's a lot of names in a lot of different styles. Doesn't she suit one of them?

Personally I'm not keen on Leyci Macy Dayna Demi and Kyria but all the others are nice.

user1481928478 Fri 16-Dec-16 23:12:44

Not really! sad I know, we don't really have a set style

Biscuitsneeded Fri 16-Dec-16 23:15:23

Basically, strike all those on Somerville's list plus Brooke and then choose the one she most suits out of what's left. Some lovely names there. If you like Emily best, go with that. You can't go wrong with Emily.

MoonHare Fri 16-Dec-16 23:16:15

Can't go wrong with Emily Lucy or Emma.

BertrandRussell Fri 16-Dec-16 23:18:12

Constance shortened to Connie is my favourite,

sonlypuppyfat Fri 16-Dec-16 23:18:34

Leyci is dreadful Emily is beautiful

buttercup54321 Fri 16-Dec-16 23:19:09

Emma Lucy Emily or Charlotte.

Hardshoulder Fri 16-Dec-16 23:20:08

Connie. Leyci is terrible.

user1481928478 Fri 16-Dec-16 23:20:12


Pepsioften100 Fri 16-Dec-16 23:31:26

Don't like: Brooke, Leigh, Leyci, Maci, Dayna and Kyria

Faves: Emma, Megan, Francesca, Fleur

Rest are ok.

Find it very unusual to like the names on my don't like and on the favourites! confused

sj257 Fri 16-Dec-16 23:34:55

Favourite Beatrice
Least Leyci???

buckeejit Fri 16-Dec-16 23:38:15

Connie or bonnie

bluechameleon Fri 16-Dec-16 23:39:42

Favourite: Beatrice
Other names I like: Lucy, Emma, Amy, Megan, Scarlet (but I'd spell it Scarlett), Annabelle, Emily, Francesca, Holly
Least favourite: Leyci (If you do choose this name at least spell it Lacey)
Other names I dislike: Brooke, Leigh, Alicia, Fleur, Macy, Millie, Dayna, Demi, Kyria, Connie

Puremince Fri 16-Dec-16 23:40:09

Favourites - Lucy, Amy, Emily.
Least favourites - Leyci, Maci

Puremince Fri 16-Dec-16 23:43:17

I think Beatrice works really well as a middle name for Emily.

user1481928478 Fri 16-Dec-16 23:45:48

Bonnie? Why are people adding names? confused


TheTartOfAsgard Fri 16-Dec-16 23:47:55

Francesca is beautiful, I'm stealing it for my list.

Congratulations flowers

Sophronia Sat 17-Dec-16 00:04:19

I like Beatrice, Emma, Emily, Lucy, Connie and Annabelle.

Don't like Leyci, Mary, Dayna, Demi and Kyria at all.

Sophronia Sat 17-Dec-16 00:07:20

Macy sorry, not Mary!

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Sat 17-Dec-16 00:13:27

Millie, Alicia, Emily, Megan, Amy, Beatrice are all lovely.

Holly, Francesca, Lucy, Emma are fine. I even quite like Dayna (x files fan)

Not keen on the others. Leyci looks like a made up name.

CakeRattleandRoll Sat 17-Dec-16 00:24:30

Favourite: Francesca and Alicia
Least: Leyci

BeastofChristmasIsland Sat 17-Dec-16 00:26:07

Like Emma, Amy, Emily, Francesca, Connie, Beatrice and Holly. All really nice.

Lucy, Alicia, Megan, Scarlet and Annabelle are all fine.

Not keen on Brooke, Leigh, Fleur or Millie.

Big fat no to Dayna, Demi and Kyria.

Leyci is horrendous.

Nirvanababy Sat 17-Dec-16 00:34:11

Emily is a beautiful name.
I have to say that Leyci is awful and she'll be constantly correcting her name.
Emma, Emily, Fleur and Connie are great
Megan will become Meg
Millie is super popular
Brooke feels very noughtis (along with chloe and zoe)
Again with the spelling Dayna would be out. And Leigh is a bit blah nowadays.
I have to stress that Leyci is awful and I keep pronouncing it Laychi

midsomermurderess Sat 17-Dec-16 02:39:59

Emily is so dull but so very beloved of the people who will click on this sort of thread. They must alll desperately establish their middle class credentials, like so many net-curtain-twitching 1950s matrons.

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