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Bronte Lily, Bronte Catherine, Bronte Elizabeth, Bronte Beatrix, Bronte Veronica, Bronte Arabella or Bronte Heather?

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Jadamba Thu 01-Dec-16 18:59:05

Bronte Lily, Catherine, Elizabeth/Elisabeth, Beatrix, Veronica, June, Arabella or Heather?
We've decided on the very lovely Bronte for her name. Will be adding umlaut on birth certificate but she can drop it if she wants as I'm sure it will be anyway.
Choose one and why please. smile

Pattakiller Thu 01-Dec-16 19:03:45

Bronte is an awful name for a girl. Catherine, Elisabeth, Beatrix and June are all lovely though.

OlennasWimple Thu 01-Dec-16 19:05:45

Agree with Jadamba

If you do go ahead with Bronte, please don't use Catherine - you will seem like Wuthering Heights nuts. (The other names may have similar connotations, I haven't read much Bronte myself)

GirlInTheDirtyShirt Thu 01-Dec-16 19:06:05

Ugh. That is all.

Vixxfacee Thu 01-Dec-16 19:07:01

Bronte is terrible.

Arabella June is best of a bad bunch.

Raines100 Thu 01-Dec-16 19:11:57

Good choice, and agree with using the umlaut on BC but not losing your shit over others using it grin

Don't like June.
Lily is dull compared to your other options.
Veronica sounds out of place.
Beatrix is lovely and flows really well.
Arabella is a gorgeous name and flows quite well but not as well as Beatrix.
Elizabeth is a bit clumsy because of the two E sounds.
Heather makes me think of the Yorkshire moors of Withering Heights, but it's a bit of a mouthful so ... It's go to be Catherine. Flows brilliantly and makes me think of Cathy & Heathcliffe and, oh God, I've got Kate Bush in my head now...

CatchingBabies Thu 01-Dec-16 19:12:11

Bronte is awful, the other names are lovely though. Maybe bronte as a middle name?

Bertucci Thu 01-Dec-16 19:14:22

Gosh it's an awful name.

Our friends' dog is Bronte and everyone takes the piss!

EverySongbirdSays Thu 01-Dec-16 19:15:38

OP chose Bronte on another thread from a different list and we all liked it.

As on the other thread, I like Bronte Heather, reminds me of nature

IneedAqueenMortificadoNickname Thu 01-Dec-16 19:18:13

Oooo on the other thread I said Bronte Catherine. But actually I think Bronte Heather is much prettier.

GettingitwrongHauntingatnight Thu 01-Dec-16 19:21:11

Use Bronte as a middle name

ThoraGruntwhistle Thu 01-Dec-16 19:27:06

Sorry, I agree it's better as a middle name if you're really set on using Bronte. It just isn't a very nice sounding name. I would assume it was a boys name if you hadn't listed all the other names with it.

KlingybunFistelvase Thu 01-Dec-16 19:42:20

Bronte Beatrix

ClaudiaApfelstrudel Thu 01-Dec-16 19:43:49

Bronte Emily
Bronte Charlotte
Bronte Anne

Ankleswingers Thu 01-Dec-16 19:46:10

I presume you like the name Bronte grin

IMO, it isn't a nice name. It sounds harsh.

Much better as a middle name.

Pluto30 Thu 01-Dec-16 19:49:29

Bronte Elizabeth.

Deadsouls Thu 01-Dec-16 19:50:37

Why not just Bronté? Why the second name?
Hmmm not really sure. It doesn't sound so great

SellFridges Thu 01-Dec-16 19:52:37

I like it.

I know of one, I think she's Bronte Jane or something simple.

Jadamba Thu 01-Dec-16 20:13:04

Wow, okay. No need to take the mick out of me for her name. It is her name now. She is Bronte and I'm sorry you think it's awful.

Thanks Every, Sell, Claudia, Klingy, Queen and Raines for giving me some good ideas and thoughts on her middle name.

BonusNewt Thu 01-Dec-16 20:20:18

I am going with Bronte Catherine. It just seems to flow. And if you love it ignore those who don't. Once you know a child with a name it stops seeming odd. I know a girl called Livingstone, for example. Bronte sounds like a strong minded, independent young woman to me.

Ditsy4 Thu 01-Dec-16 20:28:07

I know a girl called Bronte she is a lovely girl I have known her for years. When I first met her I just thought Oooh that's an unusual name. What about Mhari ? My sisters middle name

Lucked Thu 01-Dec-16 20:30:39


Jadamba I think it is really lovely. Truly. It is a name I wouldn't mind being called as an adult with a serious job so passes my 'test'.

I also like Byrony.

I would pick Elizabeth or Eliza as a middle name. I would also avoid Catherine because it is too much Wuthering heights and that is one Bronte novel I don't like.

tarheelbaby Thu 01-Dec-16 20:32:39

Brontë Lily
but what about Brontë Rose?

There's a Brontë in my village and no one turns a hair. I don't think she even uses the tréma (as it is called in French). Educated people are not put off by it. I can't remember her brother's names but they are not conventional either (so if I could remember them it would out me/them.)

Sophronia Thu 01-Dec-16 20:33:27

Not keen on Bronte, sorry, but if you really are set on it, then Bronte Catherine or Bronte Heather

WuTangFlan Thu 01-Dec-16 20:38:47

Bronwyn Taylor - Bronte for short??

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