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Middle name for ds

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DarkLikeVader Sun 27-Nov-16 21:58:14

I'm so peed off with DH. Ds is due in about 6 weeks and DH has just said ds can't have my dads middle name as his middle name because our daughter has my mums name as her second middle name. That's it. The whole reason. He has no suggestions for an alternative middle name - hell he has barely suggestions for a first name - and definitely doesn't want a member of his family's name as a middle name, his sole reason is 'it's not fair'. Both children have his surname and dd has a name that reflects his families cultural background - but no - this particular middle name is out because 'it's not fair'. Argh.

I did think about posting in Ainu but I'm not brave enough. But AIBU?!

user1477282676 Mon 28-Nov-16 03:59:40

Yeah...tell him if he's willing to change the children's surname to yours, then he can have what he wants as middle name.

Don't put up with it. It's bullshit.

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