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Which boys name with Margot?

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JinCa Sat 26-Nov-16 03:14:54

Hi, we're looking for a boys name to go with sister Margot. Which do you like best in order of preference?


SongBirdsKeepSinging Sat 26-Nov-16 03:19:03

I like Lawrence best

RueDeDay Sat 26-Nov-16 03:25:07

Hamish. Lovely name.

BooeyBubbleHead Sat 26-Nov-16 03:41:28

Ralph or Jack.

I am so jealous! Margot is my top girls name but DH has vetoed. Actually feel sad about it as it's the only name I really love !

CakeRattleandRoll Sat 26-Nov-16 03:46:29

Hamish or Rufus

JinCa Sat 26-Nov-16 04:52:20

I sympathise Booey. Angus is actually my favourite boys name and I think it goes perfectly with Margot, but it's not on this list because DH vetoed. So sad! I hope you find a name you like as much as Margot!

swimmerforlife Sat 26-Nov-16 05:19:17

Hamish is my favourite, I also like Rufus.

Jack is fine but it is a bit naff to me.

Lawrence is ok, I'm not wild about it.

I strongly dislike Ralph though and that was the name of my beloved childhood dog.

OrlandaFuriosa Sat 26-Nov-16 06:06:52


Bobochic Sat 26-Nov-16 06:11:47

All your boys names except Jack are in the trying-too-hard category.

Jabuticaba Sat 26-Nov-16 06:15:17

How on earth can a name "try too hard", trying to hard at what exactly?


ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 26-Nov-16 06:25:48


Pluto30 Sat 26-Nov-16 09:14:21

1. Jack - Love this name.

2. Lawrence - I like this in its full form, but the Lawrences I know have all had their names shortened to Larry, which is not so nice.

3. Ralph - Only if pronounced like Ralf. Still reminds me of Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons.

4. Hamish - I don't mind this, but the Hamish I know gets "ham" for short (even though it's not pronounced ham-ish).

5. Rufus - Straight up nope.

Enidblyton1 Sat 26-Nov-16 09:18:59

Not so fond of Jack

Rufus would get my vote

LestatVonGaribaldi Sat 26-Nov-16 09:22:12


BroomstickOfLove Sat 26-Nov-16 09:22:57


Or James, Angus or Alistair, none of which are on your list.

Unsureif Sat 26-Nov-16 09:57:32


KlingybunFistelvase Sat 26-Nov-16 09:58:03

Hamish is awesome! I love it.

AbsolutelyFabulously Sat 26-Nov-16 10:11:17

Hamish or Lawrence. I think Jack is a bit plain and too popular for Margot.

Jaynebxl Sat 26-Nov-16 10:13:06

Can't believe nobody has suggested Jerry!

Sophronia Sat 26-Nov-16 10:28:48

Lawrence, Hamish or Ralph

LadyMonicaBaddingham Sat 26-Nov-16 10:31:55

My immediate thought was Robbie.

I love Hamish, and Rufus is cool, too.

Agree with PP about James or Alistair

Ptarmigandancinginthegloaming Sat 26-Nov-16 10:34:36

Fargo :-D

BonusNewt Sat 26-Nov-16 10:35:32

Hamish, then Jack, then Lawrence, nn Laurie.
I'm afraid Ralph is forever tainted for me by Judy Bloom.

Gruffalosfriend Sat 26-Nov-16 11:23:10

"All your boys names except Jack are in the trying-too-hard category."

Is this serious shockhmm?! I wonder if we have different tastes grin, because I find Jack quite dull.

From your suggestions I particularly like Lawrence, Hamish and Ralph. Great solid names that aren't overused.

Cosmicglitterghoul Sat 26-Nov-16 11:31:58

Hamish then Rufus.

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