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Can I have a Violet Autumn?

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VioletAutumn Thu 24-Nov-16 19:28:16

Or is it too 'candle scent'?

RancidOldHag Thu 24-Nov-16 19:31:10

Well, it's the wrong season, if you're in UK - they bloom very late winter and spring.

So putting the name with autumn just seems a bit horticulturally ignorant (sorry)

Yawnyawnallday Thu 24-Nov-16 19:32:07


Chinlo Thu 24-Nov-16 19:41:31

I read it as Violent Autumn confused

I thought it was something about lots of storms this september/october confused

MikeUniformMike Thu 24-Nov-16 19:45:26

Violent Autumn sounds like a lipstick colour

Floralnomad Thu 24-Nov-16 19:47:02

I also read it as Violent Autumn , I'm not keen on Violet at all and they don't flow well as a pair .

WaitroseCoffeeCostaCup Thu 24-Nov-16 19:48:23

Also read Violent Autumn. I think Viola would fit better. Beautiful names just maybe not together!

SirChenjin Thu 24-Nov-16 19:48:57

I love Violet but not so keen on Autumn and don't think they go well together (scented candle is a perfect description!).

Andsoandsoandsowhat Thu 24-Nov-16 20:25:19

What about Autumn Violet? Seems to flow better...

It is a bit 'candle' tbh. Love Violet but not fond of Autumn.

MistressMolecules Thu 24-Nov-16 21:18:15

I think that is a beautiful name! Really like it a lot actually though would never have thought of putting them together I think it works!

Sophronia Thu 24-Nov-16 21:49:08

They're not good together

Jooni Thu 24-Nov-16 22:46:08

You definitely can, though I personally find it a bit "wordy". I had a giggle at your scented candle description too .

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