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Edward, Joshua or alternative?

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MauiChristmas Thu 24-Nov-16 07:58:37

We can't decide on a boys name... Sadly because we are older parents loads of our friends and family have 'taken' other names we love (Benjamin, Daniel, Olivier). We want something traditional and both really like names which can be shortened if the child chooses to, so we don't want a name like Noah.

So what do you think of Edward or Joshua? Or do you have other ideas we might love?

HorseyHorseyTwat Thu 24-Nov-16 08:06:01

I have a Joshua so obviously like the name, but there are loads of them around. If I call my son's name in public, at least three boys look round.

Samuel (Sam) was our other option, but it's also very popular. Edward is nice but I'm not personally a fan of Ed or Eddie.


KlingybunFistelvase Thu 24-Nov-16 08:16:05

Both lovely names! I think I slightly prefer Edward but it's close.

How about:

Theodore (Ted / Teddy / Theo)
Alexander (Alex / Xander)
William (Will / Bill / Billy)
Tobias (Toby / Tobes)
Thomas (Tom / Tommy)
James (Jim / Jamie)
Lawrence / Laurence (Laurie)
Sebastian (Seb)
Patrick (Pat / Paddy)
Christopher / Christian (Chris / Christie / Kit)

oleoleoleole Thu 24-Nov-16 08:23:00

I've a Joshua (always need Josh really) and I like Edward, Ed, Eddie. What about William, Thomas, Matthew, James.

rightsofwomen Thu 24-Nov-16 08:25:49

I have a Joshua (Josh) and an Edward (Eddie or Ed).

Lovely names.

ImNotWhoYouThinkIam Thu 24-Nov-16 08:26:18

I have a Joshua so am biased. I love it but was adamant when pregnant that it wasn't going to be his name as it's so popular. Nothing else suits him.
Edward is my brothers name but I love that too. My friends Edward is known as Ted which is lovely.

MollyHuaCha Thu 24-Nov-16 08:30:10

Edward (Ed) is lovely. So are William (Will), Sebastian (Sebby or Seb), Alexander (Alex), Nathaniel (Nat), Julian (Jules or Jude). Also James which can be lengthened to Jamie!

Sugarpiehoneyeye Thu 24-Nov-16 08:34:44


Underthemoonlight Thu 24-Nov-16 08:36:43

I have a Joshua so again im biased, i also have a Joseph

HorseyHorseyTwat Thu 24-Nov-16 09:10:09

You see OP? You see??! Loads of Joshuas!

MauiChristmas Thu 24-Nov-16 09:20:42

Horsey - I see!!

MauiChristmas Thu 24-Nov-16 09:21:50

Thank you all - food for thought. DH has veto'd Joseph that I love, I like nathaniel and Samual....

HorseyHorseyTwat Thu 24-Nov-16 10:23:30

Don't get me wrong, it's a great name. But I think it's this generation's version of Matt for my generation (I know eleventy-billion Matts in their 30s and early 40s).

Bellaposy Thu 24-Nov-16 10:36:47

I have a 6 month old and there are tons of Edwards/Teddys. It's the most popular name in our baby group. Just FYI.

versaceglasses Thu 24-Nov-16 10:39:44

Yeah, Edward is not quite as popular as Joshua, but it's close. Seems kind of pointless vetoing one because it's popular/common and not the other.

Either you don't mind that, or you do. If you don't, then I think Joshua is a much nicer name.

MauiChristmas Thu 24-Nov-16 10:41:48

Bella please can I ask where in the country you are? I haven't met any other Edwards in my Surrey / sussex region... I wonder if there are geographical variation in name use?

MauiChristmas Thu 24-Nov-16 10:45:26

I was bullied at school for having a different name - I'm actually all for 'normal' or popular.

Chinlo Thu 24-Nov-16 10:59:49

So if it doesn't bother you, then ignore popularity. Remember that even the most popular boys name in the country (Oliver) was only given to 1 in 50 boys last year. Joshua was 1 in 100. Edward 1 in 138.

It's all relative.

HorseyHorseyTwat Thu 24-Nov-16 11:20:32

And it is very dependent on where you are. I don't know a single Oliver.

Underthemoonlight Thu 24-Nov-16 13:04:58

I picked a popular name for my dd Sophie shes actually the only one in her nursery. My son Joseph is one of three in his class, it being popular isn't a bad thing if you like the same, I don't like my name its not massively popular although now theirs a famous brit award singer so many people reference that when they hear my name but growing up i never encountered anyone with my name.

JunebabyT Sat 26-Nov-16 16:14:26

Joshua and Edward are both lovely. I would lean Joshua out of them.

James (Jamie)

Sophronia Sat 26-Nov-16 17:20:09

I like both, but slightly prefer the Edward nicknames to Josh.

How about...


Mummymummymummyhi Wed 30-Nov-16 12:11:28

Joshua is Very common which I didn't realise til after I name DS. Edward is also nice, I'd use Teddy as a nn.
How about Seth, Louie, Lawrence (Lorry for short), Mitchell (Mitch), Andrew (Andy)

user1472334322 Wed 30-Nov-16 14:37:21

My ds1 is Edward. He goes by Teddy or Ted. Ds2 is Samuel nn Sam or Sammy. I too like names that can be shortened if the child wants to. I like William and Thomas too. Good luck choosing!

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