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Is Sebastian a pretentious name?

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daimbar Wed 16-Nov-16 11:56:54

It's the only name DP and I can agree on. I think it's a lovely, sophisticated name but could be seen as a bit 'try hard' and pretentious.


WilliamHerschel Wed 16-Nov-16 11:58:54

I think it's a very posh name but I don't know about pretentious.

ineedamoreadultieradult Wed 16-Nov-16 12:00:50

I wouldnt say pretentious but it does bring to mind public school boys not that that is a problem. He will probably become Seb anyway.

SuperRainbows Wed 16-Nov-16 12:01:53

You both like it. Go for it!

badabing36 Wed 16-Nov-16 12:02:03

It was my very close 2nd choice for ds's name. I guess it could be construed as pretentious by some people, but who cares it's lovely.

Plus Sen isn't pretentious.

TheNaze73 Wed 16-Nov-16 12:02:06

It's not pretentious at all.

daimbar Wed 16-Nov-16 12:03:50

Thanks both. Yes he would be a Seb.

We are not particularly posh and he won't go to private school.

I overheard a posh mum calling to her son the other day 'Sebastian darling! Do hurry up or we shall be late for orchestra' and it kind of put me off.

Smartleatherbag Wed 16-Nov-16 12:04:46

It's posh, but not try hard at all. Nice name.

Sohardtochooseausername Wed 16-Nov-16 12:06:56

Depends if he's going to be like Belle and Sebastian or Sebastian Coe. :-)

daimbar Wed 16-Nov-16 12:07:30

Thanks everyone. I do like it but don't want to embarrass ds with an overly posh name.

goldenrachita Wed 16-Nov-16 12:11:14

If you've found a name you both love, that's surely a real win, isn't it?

I like the name Sebastian. It's used in various European countries so it's quite universal really. The fact it has an attractive abbreviation is also a real plus point.

YouHadMeAtCake Wed 16-Nov-16 12:15:01

It's one of my favourite boys names. Not posh just lovely!

Giselaw Wed 16-Nov-16 12:18:06

I've known a couple and they've been the eton types. That said, I like the name and it doesn't really sound stereotypical to me. Like a Crispin.

Frouby Wed 16-Nov-16 12:18:32

I have a Sebastian.

We are definitely not posh. Dp is a builder. We live in a ha house in a fairly run down northern town.

It suits him. He mainly goes by Seb. I don't know any others and it's different without being odd.

daimbar Wed 16-Nov-16 12:20:22

Ok lovely. Consensus is it's a good name to go for! Phew! Boys names are tricky.

MrsNuckyThompson Wed 16-Nov-16 12:22:15

I love it, and I love Seb.

I liked it for DS, but HD vetoed it on the basis that a) it is his half brother's middle name (?!); and b) he felt it was too posh. The context is that DH has a 'posh' name, and felt he got quite a hard time at school because of it (he's from a MC background and went to a naice grammar). I didn't agree with him...


Sophronia Wed 16-Nov-16 12:24:01

It's my cat's name grin

I do think it is a bit 'posh' for a boy/man, but it's a nice name.

MaisyPops Wed 16-Nov-16 12:27:25

I love it and don't think it's pretentious at all. Personally I think it's much nicer than lots of the 'unique' names that turn up.

PuppyMonkey Wed 16-Nov-16 12:28:00

I wanted a Sebastian. Also a Salvadore. DP wasn't keen.

Plus we had girls in the end. grin

AppleCanoe Wed 16-Nov-16 12:34:58

I have never thought of this name as posh, just a nice, recognisable boys name.

I know of a baby Sebastian who is called Bash for short.

Inadays Wed 16-Nov-16 12:40:37

I love the name, and it was one of my top three when naming my son. In the end i didn't choose it as i decided it was difficult to say with my surname also starting with an 's'. Be proud of it!

AlmaMartyr Wed 16-Nov-16 12:42:16

Lovely name. Not pretentious.

DeleteOrDecay Wed 16-Nov-16 12:43:56

No it's a lovely name, a name isn't pretentious on its own, it depends on the person behind it.

torthecatlady Wed 16-Nov-16 12:45:14

I love the name Sebastian. A friend of mine, in his 20's is a Sebastian but goes by the nn Seb.

However, DH has vetoed it... apparently it sounds like the name of a Bond villain!

JinkxMonsoon Wed 16-Nov-16 12:47:57

It's posh.

I know two, one adult and one child, and they both have "De Something" surnames grin

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