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Beatrix Belle

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pumpkinpiesforsupper Mon 14-Nov-16 13:47:40

Baby due soon, we love Beatrix 'Trixie' Belle Clementine. Does this sound nice?

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 14-Nov-16 14:13:58

Adorable for a little girl, but maybe not so when she's an adult.

SausageSoda Mon 14-Nov-16 14:21:39

I'd drop the trixie. Beatrice Belle Clementine is fine and she can always drop the Belle when she's older if it embarrasses her.

Gruffalosfriend Mon 14-Nov-16 14:34:36

Agree - a little too twee for me.

I'd name her Beatrice Clementine.

DerelictMyBalls Mon 14-Nov-16 15:08:04

I think OP means that the baby's name will be Beatrix Belle Clementine and that they will call her Trixie for short.

I like it, OP. I know some people think it's cutesy but I think Trixie is a kick-arse go-getter of a name.

EllenDegenerate Mon 14-Nov-16 15:47:52

It's fabulous

SausageSoda Mon 14-Nov-16 15:50:37

Love Beatrix. Hate Trixie as a nn.

Tarttlet Mon 14-Nov-16 15:52:56

Beatrix Belle sounds stripper-y to me, sorry - as does Trixie.

kilmuir Mon 14-Nov-16 15:55:21

I think it's horrid. Too much

Raines100 Mon 14-Nov-16 15:57:31

Beatrix nn Trixie is lovely. I presume you're thinking of calling her Trixie Belle when she's little, which is too twee for my taste, but you're doing it in a perfectly reasonable way by having Belle as a mn. She will have the choice to be whatever she wants when she's older. I say go for it!

Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 14-Nov-16 20:24:05

Love it OP, all of it !
Beatrix Belle Clementine, just lovely ❤️

KlingybunFistelvase Mon 14-Nov-16 21:20:59

I like it!

Bertucci Mon 14-Nov-16 21:22:31

I think it's sickly. Sorry - just too twee.

gunting Mon 14-Nov-16 21:29:34

Very twee

WilliamHerschel Mon 14-Nov-16 21:31:44

It sounds a bit like a fictional character name to me. I like Beatrix (and Trixie) and I like Clementine, less keen on Belle.

AntiHop Mon 14-Nov-16 21:34:31

I like it. Trixie in call the midwife has the full name Beatrix doesn't she?

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