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Brother for Leo

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IAmALionTamer Sun 13-Nov-16 20:58:27

I am expecting DC2 in April. We have a girls name pretty much sorted but are struggling for a boys name. DS is Leo

We are considering Samuel (nn Sammy) and Rudy. Other suggestions appreciated.

Middle name will be Sean

NameChange30 Sun 13-Nov-16 21:01:57


Sophronia Sun 13-Nov-16 21:17:10

Caleb Sean
Daniel Sean
Ezra Sean
Joseph Sean
Elijah Sean
Felix Sean
Henry Sean
Isaac Sean
Hector Sean
Rory Sean
Jacob Sean
Oliver Sean
Roman Sean
Joshua Sean
Matthew Sean
Oscar Sean
Milo Sean
Noah Sean
Jasper Sean
Reuben Sean
Toby Sean
Zachary Sean
Dexter Sean
Harry Sean
Archie Sean
Finley Sean
Hugo Sean
Gabriel Sean
Arlo Sean
Elliot Sean
Casper Sean

AnnetteKertan Mon 14-Nov-16 08:12:57

Niall Sean
Rory Sean
Lucas Sean
Donovan Sean

wobblywonderwoman Mon 14-Nov-16 08:15:07

Leo and Zach

But looking at above list Leo and Milo would be great


Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 14-Nov-16 08:42:07

Leo and Max (Maxwell Sean).

Loafingaround Mon 14-Nov-16 08:47:10

I thought Max too! Also for some reason a C name so


but love Rudy.

NameChange30 Mon 14-Nov-16 08:53:44

Leo and Milo rhyme too much for my liking grin

Pluto30 Mon 14-Nov-16 09:04:12

Not Rudy.

Samuel's lovely.

I agree with a PP that Max goes well with Leo.

Raines100 Mon 14-Nov-16 09:41:36

Love Leo.

Also love Samuel and many of the suggestions here, though another name ending O might be too matchy.

Rudy is awful.

IAmALionTamer Mon 14-Nov-16 19:21:01

Thanks all. I do quite like Max, Zach and Charlie so will add to the list.
DH is South African and Rudy is more common there and he really likes least it's better than his original suggestion of Rudolf hmm

NavyandWhite Mon 14-Nov-16 19:33:46

Rudy is lovely, I like Eli too and think it's nice with Leo.

NameChange30 Mon 14-Nov-16 19:38:13

I would assume Rudy was a NN for Rudolf anyway.

There is also Reuben which could be shortened to Ruby. But if it's likely to get confused with Rudy that might be annoying.

I prefer Max and I think it goes well with Leo smile

NavyandWhite Mon 14-Nov-16 19:41:18

I'd just assume Rudy was his name.

BrollyXmas Mon 14-Nov-16 19:49:20

Leo & Toby

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