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Magdalena or Maddalena?

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Pluto30 Thu 10-Nov-16 10:19:36

We like Magdalena for our DC due soon, but recently heard of the Italian Maddalena, which we also like. We're just not sure if it looks like a misspelling?

Which do you think is nicer?

MarchEliza2 Thu 10-Nov-16 10:23:31

Unless you have Italian roots I would stick to the former as to me it looks like a misspelling.

Lovely name though.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Thu 10-Nov-16 10:59:02


Sophronia Thu 10-Nov-16 11:40:00


AntiHop Thu 10-Nov-16 11:46:46

Magdalena. Beautiful name

DanicaJones Thu 10-Nov-16 20:30:32


SausageSoda Fri 11-Nov-16 10:26:49


Unless you're Italian Maddalena just looks like predictive text gone crazy.

SpunkyMummy Fri 11-Nov-16 11:20:48


user1471950254 Fri 11-Nov-16 11:43:16

Magdalena for the same reason as above, for anyone unfamiliar with the other name it could look like a typo

AndNowItsSeven Fri 11-Nov-16 11:45:18

Magdalena because Maggie is a really cute nickname.

SpeckledyBanana Fri 11-Nov-16 11:47:10

Magdelena. Lovely name.

SpeckledyBanana Fri 11-Nov-16 11:47:28

Sorry, spelt it wrong blush

KlingybunFistelvase Fri 11-Nov-16 15:15:01

Both nice but think I prefer Magdalena and also prefer Maggie to Maddie as a nn.

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