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Madeleine Grace or Violet Grace?

(24 Posts)
iamscarlett Wed 09-Nov-16 19:33:12

Thank you!!!

Sophronia Wed 09-Nov-16 19:34:25

Madeleine Grace

iamscarlett Wed 09-Nov-16 19:45:55

Thanks! Or Grace Madeleine/Grace Violet...

Motherwithflaws Wed 09-Nov-16 19:47:17

I love Violet, so Violet Grace.

Allalonenow Wed 09-Nov-16 19:48:58

Violet Grace is wonderful!

Awwlookatmybabyspider Wed 09-Nov-16 20:14:47

Madeleine Grace.
I don't get the hype over Violet TBH

Pluto30 Wed 09-Nov-16 20:20:14

Violet Grace.

Or Grace Madeleine, if you would consider that. smile

iamscarlett Wed 09-Nov-16 20:24:38

Thank you smile

Yes, would definitely consider Grace Madeleine!

Sugarpiehoneyeye Wed 09-Nov-16 20:52:54

Violet Grace or Grace Violet.

onedayimightforget Wed 09-Nov-16 20:59:44

Violet Grace.

SorenaJ Wed 09-Nov-16 21:22:48

Madeleine Grace or Grace Madeleine

Pipilangstrumpf Wed 09-Nov-16 21:25:03

Violet Grace

PancakesAndMapleSyrup Wed 09-Nov-16 21:27:10

Another one for Violet Grace

griffinsss Wed 09-Nov-16 21:44:25

Grace Madeleine is beautiful. Also, Madeleine Grace or Grace Violet.

My DD is violet, she's 5 and there aren't many that are her age, but I know about 10 babies/toddlers with the name... I wouldn't give her the name now, regardless of how much I love it.

StatueOfBiberty Wed 09-Nov-16 22:04:24

Definitely Violet Grace, but then I am rather biased as I have a beautiful 7yr old Violet smile xXx

beanhunter Wed 09-Nov-16 22:10:46

Our daughter is madeleine grace. I love it.

rainbow99 Wed 09-Nov-16 22:18:38

Grace Violet or Violet Grace, prefer Grace as a first name smile

buttercup54321 Wed 09-Nov-16 22:19:36

Violet Grace is lovely

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Wed 09-Nov-16 22:21:34

I'd go for Violet Madeleine as I really don't like Grace at all.

Both Violet & Madeleine are lovely though.

Sophronia Wed 09-Nov-16 23:19:11

Oh, I like Grace Madeleine!

Okkitokkiunga Wed 09-Nov-16 23:53:22

They're all nice but I vote for Madeleine Grace.

Loafingaround Thu 10-Nov-16 08:35:56

Violet was only no.83 in 2015 so still pretty rare, and yet still one of most beautiful girls names around IMO.

KlingybunFistelvase Thu 10-Nov-16 08:45:43

Violet! I love it. Not keen on Madeleine.

SausageSoda Thu 10-Nov-16 10:29:48

Violet - think it's a very pretty name. Madeline is just a bit blah in comparison

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