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princesshaley Tue 08-Nov-16 16:05:22

What are your opinions on the name Chloe?? I actually don't know very many (maybe 2??) but I know it's been popular for ages, and it was #1 for the longest time when my sister and I were young (1997-2003).

Is it too overused?? Popularity doesn't bother me too much, but I do totally get that some names are just over done and people are sick of hearing them (I have a few myself, LOL).

Thanks so much!

icecreamfairy Tue 08-Nov-16 16:06:00

I love it. Such a pretty name smile

ToastMakesMeHappy Tue 08-Nov-16 16:19:00

I think it's lovely smile it grows beautifully into an adults name too

harrypoooter Tue 08-Nov-16 16:19:24

I think it's a bit dull. Sorry x

RiverTam Tue 08-Nov-16 16:21:13


MadameSilva Tue 08-Nov-16 16:24:36

It's not as popular as it use to be but that can be a good thing! I know two Chloes who are 10 (I think) and an adult Chloe. It's a nice name.

babyblabber Tue 08-Nov-16 17:58:02

I have loved the name Chloe since I was a kid but due to the extreme popularity I spent 9 months trying to find something less popular that I loved as much.

I couldn't and so we have Chloe and my only regret is wasting so much time looking for something else. It's such a beautiful name, I smile every time I hear it and am so glad it's her name.

hollyisalovelyname Tue 08-Nov-16 18:03:32

Overused. But I'm in Ireland.

ThoraGruntwhistle Tue 08-Nov-16 18:04:31

Lovely name and not that popular nowadays.

Xmasbaby11 Tue 08-Nov-16 18:06:15

It's very popular around here but I love it!

Giratina Tue 08-Nov-16 19:06:25

It doesn't seem that popular for babies now, I know a couple of teenage Chloes but none under 12.

Pluto30 Tue 08-Nov-16 19:10:57

Love Chloe.

raviolidreaming Tue 08-Nov-16 20:52:17

It's very popular where I am but I'm not a fan - I don't like the way it sounds.

DramaAlpaca Tue 08-Nov-16 20:56:55

I was going to say the same as hollyisalovelyname & I am also in Ireland. Chloes by the dozen here, including a couple of newborns.

I'm not that keen on it, tbh. Prefer Cleo or Clara which sound more modern to me.

QueenLizIII Tue 08-Nov-16 22:07:09

Very pretty name

MyKingdomForBrie Tue 08-Nov-16 22:14:51

Gorgeous name

AmberEars Tue 08-Nov-16 22:20:39

I like it. I know one adult and two children (aged 6 and 7). I also know a Cleo but I don't like that as much.

PlymouthMaid1 Tue 08-Nov-16 22:38:58

Pretty name. I have several students aged around 16/17 with that name.

QueenOfTheNaps Tue 08-Nov-16 22:46:13

I'm a Chloe and I'm in my mid30s smile
When I was at school it was so rare the teachers couldn't pronounce it! I was v put out when it started being popular in the 90s
Biased here but I love it. Would you have it as Chloe, Chloé or Chloë ?

QueenOfTheNaps Tue 08-Nov-16 22:47:46

Oh, and my DNan couldn't get her head around it and would always call me Cleo.... I hated Cleo, it reminded me of Cleo the cat (I think there was a children's book with Cleo the cat in around that time)

OlennasWimple Tue 08-Nov-16 22:49:38

i think it's a classic name

And arf at Clara being more modern!

DramaAlpaca Tue 08-Nov-16 23:33:25

Olennas if you read my post I actually said that Clara 'sounds more modern to me' because it's quite popular at the moment, not that it is more modern. It's a very old name that's having a revival.

princesshaley Wed 09-Nov-16 11:59:13

@Queen - I think I'd be using just Chloe, just because I feel like the accent at the end would get dropped off by most people anyway.

I do like Clara also, thank you @drama!!

Not keen on Cleo though I'm afraid.

Angelto5 Wed 09-Nov-16 12:12:26

I know a few but unfortunately it was ruined for me by awful next door neighbours who had a daughter with this name.
They were forever shouting -chlo-ayyy all the time.

Terrifiedandregretful Fri 11-Nov-16 18:24:36

It's very common in teenagers but I don't know any younger than 10. I think it's lovely

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