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Does Grace and Maddie 'go'?

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WinterSunSummerMoon Tue 08-Nov-16 02:55:39

Seriously...? Or does it not matter?

NoArtificialColours Tue 08-Nov-16 04:41:51

For two siblings? Or first name and middle name?
Sounds alright to me. Why not smile

Sophronia Tue 08-Nov-16 06:47:54

They're fine together

PotteringAlong Tue 08-Nov-16 06:54:32

I'd say no. Grace = classic and timeless. Maddie, not so much.

Grace and Madeline, yes.

Pipilangstrumpf Tue 08-Nov-16 09:10:11

I also prefer the name Grace. Maddie sounds frumpy and like someone Mad!

Pipilangstrumpf Tue 08-Nov-16 09:12:07

I do like the French name Madeleine, with the the emphasis on the Leine. But Maddie has no resemblance to it at all.

WinterSunSummerMoon Tue 08-Nov-16 13:05:48

Madeleine is on the birth certificate. That's my daughter's name grin glad that's the least liked, haha! So is Grace and Madeleine okay (she's known as Maddie though)...

ViewBasket Tue 08-Nov-16 14:09:05

Yes, they're a nice combination smile

DramaAlpaca Tue 08-Nov-16 20:19:20

Grace and Madeleine go well together.

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