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johans Sun 30-Oct-16 01:44:55


tralaaa Sun 30-Oct-16 01:47:06

Please ! I like it

ClaudiaJean2016 Sun 30-Oct-16 01:51:52

Like it. Not sure if I prefer Kaela though.

Pluto30 Sun 30-Oct-16 01:16:45

I have a lovely cousin named Kayla, so I like it. The association is a positive one for me, and it fits in with a lot of the other "popular" names at the moment without being popular itself.

TrumpsFluffyHair Sun 30-Oct-16 03:19:33

I like it but I suspect most of Mumsnet won't. There's some weird anti K thing!

WanderingTrolley1 Sun 30-Oct-16 03:22:58

Don't like it at all.

Sounds like one of those new, made-up names and common.


TrumpsFluffyHair Sun 30-Oct-16 03:24:03


This is what I mean!

ButterfliesRfree Sun 30-Oct-16 03:35:41

Prefer Kyla, but if you like Kayla then go for it.

Coey2016 Sun 30-Oct-16 05:19:46

I knew a lovely Kayla, the pretty name suited her. I think it was short for michaela.

NotYoda Sun 30-Oct-16 06:21:20

I don't like it



wobblywonderwoman Sun 30-Oct-16 06:43:40

I know one - I wouldn't chose it but it is inoffensive

I like classic names though

JC23 Sun 30-Oct-16 06:46:29

To me it does sound "common"

I prefer Karlie and Callie

rugbychick1 Sun 30-Oct-16 06:52:23

I like it. It isn't a made up name, and is popular in New Zealand. A friend there had a Kayla. So a positive association for me to

SquirrelPaws Sun 30-Oct-16 06:54:26

I like it. People may assume it's short for Michaela, which I also quite like.

BendydickCuminsnatch Sun 30-Oct-16 06:57:25

Really like it, to me it is one of those 'everyone knows it but it's not overused' names, which is the holy grail IMO. I know 2 Kaylas, one 1 year old and one 20-something. I remember meeting the older Kayla (when we were both kids) and thinking it was an unusual name and must be short for Michaela. But I've found that a recurring theme in my life - names I thought were offbeat as a kid have ended up on my shortlists for my own babies and DS even has one of them grin </tangent>

FrancisCrawford Sun 30-Oct-16 06:58:52

Not keen.

It reminds me of Akela from cubs

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sun 30-Oct-16 07:00:34

I know a Cayla.

Ankleswingers Sun 30-Oct-16 07:01:16

Don't like it at all.

Cucumber5 Sun 30-Oct-16 07:03:00

Dislike it. Like Kay

Sophronia Sun 30-Oct-16 08:34:56

It's not my usual style, but I kind of like it.

MrsGsnow18 Sun 30-Oct-16 09:06:16

I know a little girl called Kayla, I think it's a lovely name.

rainbow99 Sun 30-Oct-16 09:25:53

I don't like it, it sounds 'common' to me too

SorenaJ Sun 30-Oct-16 10:20:23

I like it. I know a kind and lovely girl called Kayla.

usual Sun 30-Oct-16 10:22:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tryanythingonce16 Sun 30-Oct-16 11:25:57

I've never heard it.

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