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Buntysoven Wed 26-Oct-16 00:54:16

Having decided...with help from you lovely ladies...that this little miss would be Nancy Ramona OH has said he never agreed to it and hates it. He's gone off Iris. Grrr men! We're set on Ramona in the middle. Can't be first. Please help. Im losing my mind! Something fairly or very unusual please.

kormachameleon Wed 26-Oct-16 01:24:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Motherfuckers Wed 26-Oct-16 01:27:21

Io, Margot, Lana,

cheesymac Wed 26-Oct-16 01:27:24

Why not Ramona as a first name?

Oysterbabe Wed 26-Oct-16 08:35:42

That's a shame. Nancy and Ramona are lovely names.
I would be upset too, once you set your heart on something and start imagining your child with that name it would be very disappointing to have that taken away.
How about Molly?

alwayshappy101 Wed 26-Oct-16 08:56:56

Ida, jemima, delsi,

alwayshappy101 Wed 26-Oct-16 09:14:21


MoonHare Wed 26-Oct-16 09:37:09

Agnes, Ingrid, Libby, Sorrel, Ursula, Merren, Verity, Gretchen, Veryan.

DavidPuddy Wed 26-Oct-16 09:43:41

Frances, Francesca, Francine. Then you can nickname Nancy.

Sophronia Wed 26-Oct-16 11:45:39

Alice Ramona
Annie Ramona
Agnes Ramona
Audrey Ramona
Beatrice Ramona
Charlotte Ramona
Carys Ramona
Daisy Ramona
Ellen Ramona
Enid Ramona
Evelyn Ramona
Frances Ramona
Florence Ramona
Harriet Ramona
Ivy Ramona
Lucy Ramona
Ruby Ramona
Sadie Ramona
Mary Ramona
Susie Ramona
Violet Ramona
Mabel Ramona
Nell Ramona
Isabel Ramona
Phoebe Ramona
Polly Ramona
Cecily Ramona
Sylvie Ramona
Hester Ramona
Constance Ramona
Eleanor Ramona
Juliet Ramona
Olive Ramona
Marnie Ramona

ToujeoQueen Wed 26-Oct-16 11:46:56

Ariadne Ramona

Sugarpiehoneyeye Wed 26-Oct-16 13:29:16

Lydia Ramona
Zoe Ramona
Tessa Ramona
Lacey Ramona
Olive Ramona
Joyce Ramona
Verity Ramona
Chloe Ramona

BabooshkaKate Wed 26-Oct-16 13:33:49


Coconutty Wed 26-Oct-16 14:00:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Joinourclub Wed 26-Oct-16 15:12:04


Sugarpiehoneyeye Wed 26-Oct-16 18:43:03

Bunty Ramona 😄

Buntysoven Thu 27-Oct-16 01:16:37

Sugarpie grin Maybe heartbroken is a bit strong but I'm hormonal and obsessing that this child will be nameless...thanks for the support korma! Some really nice suggestions thanks. Can't use Frances type names as sis has a Francesca and OH worried about Rammy or Moaner for nn so middle only. Not being ungrateful but nothing really singing yet. I'll stalk the forum for ideas!

Puddingandpiee Thu 27-Oct-16 01:37:15

Luna is a lovely name! Or Ruby..

iamEarthymama Thu 27-Oct-16 03:46:26

How about Ivy? My latest favourite.


I haven't said that I love Ramona!
Ramona the Brave!

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