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Elliot or Leo?

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user1477348840 Mon 24-Oct-16 23:47:19

Hi, I really need some help!

My son is almost 6 weeks (time really does fly!) and he needs to be registered very soon sad

My favourite name is Leo, but I absolutely love Elliot too. I have heard that people use the NN Leo, for Elliot... What do you think? We could then use both!

So... Elliot (NN Leo) or just Leo?

cerealnamechangers Mon 24-Oct-16 23:55:25

Love Elliot!

CointreauVersial Mon 24-Oct-16 23:56:59

Just Leo.

It's what DD2 would have been called, if she'd been DS2.

user1477348840 Tue 25-Oct-16 00:01:41

One to each wink


maisieclaire Tue 25-Oct-16 00:03:02

Love Elliot

FifaFater Tue 25-Oct-16 00:16:40

Leo all day long... strong and powerfull.

DoYouRememberJustinBobby Tue 25-Oct-16 00:29:37

Elliot every day of the week.

Pluto30 Tue 25-Oct-16 04:08:35

Not sure how you get Leo from Elliot, as there is no Leo sound in Elliot.

But I like both names equally. Leo is probably a bit more popular at the moment, which would swing my vote toward Elliot.

Raines100 Tue 25-Oct-16 06:24:44

I love Leo. Was our top contender for DC3, but I had a girl.

Chottie Tue 25-Oct-16 06:33:16

Another vote for Elliot here smile

TallulahTheTiger Tue 25-Oct-16 06:34:44

Or what about the Spanish Elio? Or you could get Elio as nickname from Elliot for your Leo sound?

Sugarpiehoneyeye Tue 25-Oct-16 06:36:58


literallytotally Tue 25-Oct-16 06:42:02

Elliot smile

PotatoBread Tue 25-Oct-16 09:09:57

Leo on its own.

I can't see how Leo could possibly be a nn for Elliot.

BarInSpace Tue 25-Oct-16 10:07:23


Chinlo Tue 25-Oct-16 10:17:56

Leo 100%. I love the name Leo. Elliot... meh

MissisBee Tue 25-Oct-16 10:31:13

I love the name Elliot. However, it came up in conversation with a friend recently and she did an ET impression angry
Don't think that would put me off though

RollingWithIt Tue 25-Oct-16 10:32:47


minipie Tue 25-Oct-16 10:48:23

Leo hands down.

I don't think you can have Elliot nn Leo, they are different names.

Sophronia Tue 25-Oct-16 14:15:12


FifaFater Tue 25-Oct-16 16:04:27

hahahaha Missisbee thats just ruined 'Ellll lleeeee uuuuuuuttt' for me!

HeteronormativeHaybales Tue 25-Oct-16 16:06:50

Leo (which IMO cannot be a nickname for Elliot).

I do like Elio as suggested above.

ageingrunner Tue 25-Oct-16 16:07:59


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