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Coffeeandafag Tue 18-Oct-16 15:12:07

I don't know any and really like this (but not Frankie). Is it popular where you are and what do you think?

Pipilangstrumpf Tue 18-Oct-16 15:26:49

I don't know any young ones, only one adult one (Fran). I like it.

paddypants13 Tue 18-Oct-16 15:31:17

I know a young Francesca who's nickname is Cesca. He parents don't like Frankie either. Of course there's always the chance that she'll want to be known as Frankie when she's older. I think it's a lovely name.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Tue 18-Oct-16 18:12:50

I know one, nick name is Fran.
I like the name, but prefer Frances.

bimandbam Tue 18-Oct-16 18:16:11

I have a Francesca. Nn frankie. She is 12.

Everyone seems to like her name. She is the only one in her year group at school. I do know another Francesca a couple of years younger. Her dm is a friend of my dsis and she asked if I would mind if she used it.

Having never met the woman I couldn't care less lol.

Francescaestee Tue 18-Oct-16 18:17:40

I'm a Francesca, I have never been Frankie I'm cesca to my family, my husband and his family call me fran which I hate. I introduce myself as Francesca so people do tend to keep my whole name.

NotYoda Tue 18-Oct-16 18:39:05

It's a really classy name.

I think she might end up Frankie at some point, so I'd steel yourself for that, unless you start a different NN - Fran, Cesca

ShutTheFridgeUp Tue 18-Oct-16 18:43:28

I love it! One of the nicest people I've ever met is called Francesca, we sadly lost touch, but I associate the name with humour, kindness and strength.

FeralBeryl Tue 18-Oct-16 18:46:58

Absolutely beautiful smile
Know a few Cescas and a few Frans, they are older children and adults, one younger Frankie.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Tue 18-Oct-16 18:50:09

I know a lovely Francesca. She is very sweet and also my poshest friend grin.
Nearly everybody calls her Fran or Franny.

Coffeeandafag Tue 18-Oct-16 23:27:18

Great, thank you. It's a contender then!

RortyCrankle Wed 19-Oct-16 15:36:04

Classy and classic, lovely name.

heron98 Wed 19-Oct-16 16:04:31

I like it but I am really not keen on Fran. It makes me think of "flan".

Nelleflowerpot Wed 19-Oct-16 16:45:11

I know 2 one my age (30s) known as Fran. The other is in DS class at school age 6, known as Frankie. It can be difficult to say but a nice name.

Allmyfriendsareheathens2016 Wed 19-Oct-16 16:47:53

Lovely name but not Fran.

HelenaJustina Wed 19-Oct-16 18:28:17

Love it, only know an adult one and she is gorgeous.

ayeokthen Wed 19-Oct-16 18:29:37

I'm very biased since we have a shiny new little Francesca in our family, I think it's a beautiful name.

Coey2016 Thu 20-Oct-16 08:11:15

I like it and think Cesca is a pretty nickname. I know one adult Francesca and no children.

FuckThatToOneSide Thu 20-Oct-16 08:39:20

I know one toddler called Francesca and two adults. I think it's timeless and classic. Love it!

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