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Take a break cute baby contest

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lovelilies Mon 17-Oct-16 19:37:23

Just scrolling through FB when Take a Break pops up with a cute baby/ toddler contest.

I have a look at the entries and see a child with the name 'Bunnee'mai'

A real Child ffs.


PotatoBread Mon 17-Oct-16 19:41:32

Hopefully it's just a nickname? And hopefully the child's parents won't read this!

Sophronia Mon 17-Oct-16 21:52:01

The hyphen trend seems to be turning into an apostrophe trend grin a family member has a Oliviah Lily'Mae and a Myah'Rose

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 17-Oct-16 21:53:59

Really? People have apostrophes in their names now? confused

ThoraGruntwhistle Mon 17-Oct-16 21:57:57

What are the apostrophes for? They don't seem to be serving any purpose in those names and don't belong in names anyway (apart from surnames eg O'Connell or similar) confused

Niks2026 Thu 20-Oct-16 20:05:08

My cousin is a teacher and in her first ever class when she qualified as a teacher was a girl named 'L-er' pronounced ladasher similar to Natasha. Poor child!! But some parents do do it!

cbigs Thu 20-Oct-16 20:11:16


monkeyfacegrace Thu 20-Oct-16 20:12:44

niks 😂😂😂😂

You're a knob.

HolesInTheFloor Thu 20-Oct-16 20:14:40

5th post in and a second hand L-Er account. New record?

WowserBowser Thu 20-Oct-16 20:15:33

Did she also teach a Chlamydia?

monkeyfacegrace Thu 20-Oct-16 20:17:18

I give it 10 mins until La-a was taken into a toilet and had her head shaved.....

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