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Which do you like?

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Happilymarried155 Wed 12-Oct-16 07:32:18

Currently trying to decide baby names and would love some opinions, we obviously like them all but don't know which ones we like best at the moment;



Thank you smile

Oysterbabe Wed 12-Oct-16 07:51:08

I would choose Albert and Ivy.

KoalaDownUnder Wed 12-Oct-16 07:55:13

^ what she said!

MrsHathaway Wed 12-Oct-16 07:55:17

I like all the girls names ... tricky to rank! I think probably Dulcie is the one that would be misspelt or mispronounced, which annoy me lots.

I like the boys names less but I know a small Rupert from a lovely family and his name is just fine so I'd go with that.

HarleyQuinzel Wed 12-Oct-16 07:57:05

Definitely Albert and Ivy here too

Allalonenow Wed 12-Oct-16 08:06:33

Dulcie would be top of my list, with Edith a long way second.
Not at all keen on Ivy or Pippa.

Not really keen on any of the boys list, and especially not Walter.

Millionreasons Wed 12-Oct-16 08:07:29

Pippa. Don't like the boys' names at all sorry.

LolaStarr Wed 12-Oct-16 08:08:45

I like Ivy, I'm not keen at all on any of the rest of them, sorry! If I had to pick a boys name I'd pick Albert

Pluto30 Wed 12-Oct-16 08:12:37

Walter and Ivy.

Although I like Edith a lot as well.

Chinnygirl Wed 12-Oct-16 08:13:20

Walter and Ivy. Although I like Edith too.

strawberrypenguin Wed 12-Oct-16 08:17:19

Like all your boys names! Dulcie is my favourite from your girls

HuffaLump2016 Wed 12-Oct-16 08:20:55

Edith and Albert

PotatoBread Wed 12-Oct-16 08:57:40

Edith or Ivy for girl and Albert for boy.

Pipilangstrumpf Wed 12-Oct-16 09:26:59

Rupert and Edith

Knittedfrog Wed 12-Oct-16 09:28:27

Albert and Ivy

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 12-Oct-16 09:30:22

Rupert and Dulcie

HeteronormativeHaybales Wed 12-Oct-16 09:34:03

I don't like your boys' names, sorry.

I like Edith and Pippa, though I would put Philippa on the birth cert. Dulcie is pretty, but I would be a bit worried about the potential for 'dull' teasing. Not keen on Ivy.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Wed 12-Oct-16 10:06:30

Walter and Edith

Buffythebabywearer Wed 12-Oct-16 10:08:30

Edith and Walter.

Loyly Wed 12-Oct-16 10:10:05

Walter and Ivy

JustSpeakSense Wed 12-Oct-16 10:14:31


I don't like any of the boys names, sorry.

Teacakequeen Wed 12-Oct-16 10:17:31

I like Dulcie and Rupert

sonlypuppyfat Wed 12-Oct-16 10:18:59

Is it 1920? Some names went out of fashion for a very good reason

notagiraffe Wed 12-Oct-16 10:21:36

Love Albert and Edith (Edie?) or Dulcie.
Like Walter

Less keen on Pippa, Rupert and Ivy.

IsadoraJ Wed 12-Oct-16 10:26:03

Walter and Ivy for me, love them.

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