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Freddie or Oscar?

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bluebumblebeee Mon 10-Oct-16 15:22:16

For a friend. Beautiful baby boy born yesterday, and stuck between these two names. I personally prefer Freddiegrinwhat do you think? I think (should of checked) they are also considering Alfie.

MitzyLeFrouf Mon 10-Oct-16 15:37:51

Oscar. Freddie would suit a baby but it's a bit silly on an adult.

Mybeardeddragonjustdied2016 Mon 10-Oct-16 15:39:02

My ds ds is called Freddie.
His dog is called Oscar

bluebumblebeee Mon 10-Oct-16 15:41:03

My DH says both are dog names!

sonlypuppyfat Mon 10-Oct-16 15:44:05

Freddie is awful , what man is called Freddie

Mybeardeddragonjustdied2016 Mon 10-Oct-16 15:45:39

Just remembered - he is named after ds fil. And ds mil dog is called Fred too!!
Poor baby!!

whattimestea Mon 10-Oct-16 15:45:42

I have an Oscar with middle name Freddie. Think they're both brill names obviously!

bluebumblebeee Mon 10-Oct-16 15:50:12

Freddie Flintoff. (I am aware this isn't his real name) but surely he most like this name to want to use it. I think he really suits it grin

I also think Freddie Mercury suited it as well. Not sure if it was his real name haha

bluebumblebeee Mon 10-Oct-16 15:50:57


KoalaDownUnder Mon 10-Oct-16 15:51:52


I think Freddie sounds awful on anyone who's not a toddler or a frog.

CakeRattleandRoll Mon 10-Oct-16 15:56:51


Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 10-Oct-16 16:03:45

I prefer Freddie.

bluebumblebeee Mon 10-Oct-16 16:04:27

I am pregnant, and considering Dylan for a boy. ( haven't mentioned this to my friend as she might steal it ) grin what are your thoughts on this? Might as well ask wink

bluebumblebeee Mon 10-Oct-16 16:06:33

Find out tomorrow. But I have a strong feeling I'm having a girl grin

MitzyLeFrouf Mon 10-Oct-16 16:08:18

Freddie Flintoff confuses me. Sometimes he calls himself Andrew and sometimes he's Freddie! Make your mind up man grin

MitzyLeFrouf Mon 10-Oct-16 16:08:54

Freddie Flintoff confuses me. Sometimes he calls himself Andrew and sometimes he's Freddie! Make your mind up man grin

Butterpuff Mon 10-Oct-16 16:11:21

I like Frederick lots of possibilities for NN not just Freddie and he's an Austen Hero so must be a proper professional grown up grin

MitzyLeFrouf Mon 10-Oct-16 16:12:07

Oh I do love Captain Wentworth


Chinlo Mon 10-Oct-16 16:25:50

I'm not a fan of Freddie at all, I much prefer Oscar.

Dylan is better than both though. Great name.

MitzyLeFrouf Mon 10-Oct-16 16:28:32

Yes I like Dylan too.

Sophronia Mon 10-Oct-16 22:46:30

Alfred and then they could have Freddie and/or Alfie as nns.

monsterbookofty Mon 10-Oct-16 22:57:24

My baby is Oscar Dylan grin

katemess12 Tue 11-Oct-16 01:35:50


Freddie is an awful name, even with the Freddie Mercury (whose name was Farrokh) association. Frederick nn Fred is nice, however.

I think I've just realised why Freddie shits me: HR Pufnstuf.

passingthrough1 Tue 11-Oct-16 12:22:10

I don't like nicknames as real names. Freddie cute but it shouldn't be the full name. So Oscar.

WanderingTrolley1 Tue 11-Oct-16 12:24:30


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