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Sage or Saige?

(21 Posts)
Dorabella Thu 06-Oct-16 10:53:31

Which do you prefer for a girl?


JinkxMonsoon Thu 06-Oct-16 11:00:29

If you're going to use it, spell it properly. Although I don't particularly like it.

Saige just looks like you've taken Paige and stuck a random consonant on the front to make it "different".

postitnotes Thu 06-Oct-16 11:02:55

I just think of accounting software, sorry. It sounds nice but to me it would be the same as a name like Dyson or Samsung

KoalaDownUnder Thu 06-Oct-16 11:57:01


Flingmoo Thu 06-Oct-16 12:00:34

Sage is the proper spelling but unfortunately I agree with previous posters... reminds me of either a) accounting software or b) sage and onion stuffing confused

ageingrunner Thu 06-Oct-16 12:02:50

Is it in use as a name? I don't like it anyway tbh, sorry. How about laurel?

SirChenjin Thu 06-Oct-16 12:03:00

I agree with Mamushka - either stuffing or accounting software. Sorry, don't like either version for those reasons.

Soubriquet Thu 06-Oct-16 12:04:11

Sage. Sounds lovely

RiverTam Thu 06-Oct-16 12:05:21

Well, it also means 'wise'. I think it would be tempting fate to name my child 'wise'!

JennyOnAPlate Thu 06-Oct-16 12:09:01

Sage. But yes, accounting software.

GingerbreadLatteToGo Thu 06-Oct-16 12:10:08

Sage. If you don't mind your DD getting my called 'stuffing'

Dorabella Thu 06-Oct-16 12:10:47

Haha true. Probably not a great match for a brother called Pax then. I've been told you've got stuffing called Paxo in the U.K.grin

OllyBJolly Thu 06-Oct-16 12:30:05

Sorry, can't read Sage without thinking Line 50 or 100! Accounting software.

MrsCaecilius Thu 06-Oct-16 13:23:24

Sage and Pax? Yes, stuffing.

And sage to me is also accounting software. I'm very dull.

Thejubremonyatthelibrary Thu 06-Oct-16 13:25:40

yy to accounting software. I'm actually procrastinating right now and putting off doing my expenses on Sage so funny this thread has come up.

Dorabella Thu 06-Oct-16 13:49:47

I've never heard of Sage accounting. Is it like MYOB?

mouldycheesefan Thu 06-Oct-16 13:55:15

Sage and pax definitely stuffing.
But still better than saige.

BertrandRussell Thu 06-Oct-16 13:57:55

I know a child who was called Thyme. She refused to go to secondary school until she was allowed to change it.

Pipilangstrumpf Thu 06-Oct-16 15:36:10


Angelto5 Thu 06-Oct-16 15:51:45

When I read the name Sage, my first thought was Sylvester Stallone's son.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Thu 06-Oct-16 18:14:53


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